Events Feasibility and Development

From Strategy to Operations


  • William O'Toole, International Events Development Specialist, Sydney, Australia.

Events Feasibility and Development: From Strategy to Operations answers two fundamental questions faced by all events planners and organisers: "how do I justify this event to the client?" and "why are we spending money on this event?".

With a user-friendly learning structure containing bullet points, questions and exercises and international case studies (Australian Taxation Office, Saudi Arabian events returns, Fuji-Xerox events), Events Feasibility and Development: From Strategy to Operations looks at issues such as:

  • The process of creating a feasibility study
  • Events forecasting models and cost/benefit analysis
  • Types of events (exhibitions, sports, festivals) and their benefits and returns
  • Project management tools for measuring return on investment

Companion website: -- contains videos, colour photos and a list of related resources.

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2nd and 3rd year undergraduate courses in Events Management; Practitioners; Event Management Companies and Associations.


Book information

  • Published: December 2010
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-6640-4

Table of Contents

Section 1: Strategic Feasibility and Development

1. Event Strategy
2. Preparing the Strategy
3. Event Support: Directing the Development
4. Implementation of the Strategy
5. Techniques and Tools for Event Development
6. Building Competency: Associations, Awards and Training

Section 2: Management Feasibility and Development

7. Management Models and the Business Case
8. Setting up the Management System
9. Event Management Processes
10. Event Management Processes -- Section Two
11. Event Metrics and Checklists

Section 3: Operation Feasibility and Development

12. Event Operations: Upstream Design
13. Case Studies
14. Dictionary of Terms