Eve on Top book cover

Eve on Top

Women’s Experience of Success in the Public Sector

Eve on Top takes an in-depth look at the position of women in senior positions in the public sector using a case-study approach, based on ten ‘successful’ women and their background, upbringing, career progression, successes and failures, challenges and experiences. Each case study includes a ‘lessons learned’ response in the form of advice both to other women, and the organisations in which they work. Surrounding and supporting the case studies are short essays charting the main themes that emerge from the interview process, backed up by extensive literature reviews. The book also compares relevant public sectors in different parts of the world and concludes with several case studies.

Paperback, 284 Pages

Published: November 2010

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-495-7


  • Women at the top (or not): History, background, issues and themes; Methodology: An explanation and a critique; Characteristics of the women in the study; Exploring and experiencing ‘success’; Career progression and planning; Mentoring, role models and networking; Gender; Barriers and obstacles; Barriers and obstacles; Sacrifices, gains, balances and choices; Domestic considerations; Working harder? Leadership and management styles; Advice to men; Advice to women; Summary and conclusion.


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