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Essentials of the Human Brain

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Master neurology with the help of Jack Nolte, PhD, recognized for his skill in communicating complicated neuroscience concepts. This book’s clear narrative style and review questions allow you to test and verify your knowledge. The short length, full-color illustrations, and brain images make learning quick and easy. Multiple-choice and comprehensive review questions, as well as blank diagrams you can use for labeling practice, help you study and reinforce what you have learned. This easy-to-read text, coupled with Student Consult online access, gives you an excellent overview of neuroscience and neuroanatomy for effective understanding of key information in studying and reviewing for exams.

1st and 2nd year medical students of Neuroscience and Neuroanatomy

Paperback, 256 Pages

Published: April 2009

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-04570-4


  • Chapter 1 Introduction to the Nervous System

    Chapter 2 Development of the Nervous System

    Chapter 3 Gross Anatomy and General Organization of the Central Nervous System

    Chapter 4 Meningeal Coverings of the Brain and Spinal Cord

    Chapter 5 Ventricles and Cerebrospinal Fluid

    Chapter 6 Blood Supply of the Brain

    Chapter 7 Electrical Signaling by Neurons

    Chapter 8 Synaptic Transmission between Neurons

    Chapter 9 Sensory Receptors and the Peripheral Nervous System

    Chapter 10 Spinal Cord

    Chapter 11 Organization of the Brainstem

    Chapter 12 Cranial Nerves and Their Nuclei

    Chapter 13 The Chemical Senses of Taste and Smell

    Chapter 14 Hearing and Balance: The Eighth Cranial Nerve

    Chapter 15 Brainstem Summary

    Chapter 16 The Thalamus and Internal Capsule: Getting To and From the Cerebral Cortex

    Chapter 17 The Visual System

    Chapter 18 Overview of Motor Systems

    Chapter 19 Basal Ganglia

    Chapter 20 Cerebellum

    Chapter 21 Control of Eye Movements

    Chapter 22 Cerebral Cortex

    Chapter 23 Drives and Emotions: The Hypothalamus and Limbic System

    Chapter 24 Formation, Modification, and Repair of Neuronal Connections

    Appendix 1 Comprehensive Quiz

    Appendix 2 Answers

    Appendix 3 Blank Drawings


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