Essentials of Respiratory Care book cover

Essentials of Respiratory Care

The new edition of this essential resource covers core areas of respiratory care in a convenient outline format that makes it a great quick-reference guide, a handy review tool for credentialing examinations, and a comprehensive reference guide for clinical practice. Key topics include basic science; anatomy and physiology of the respiratory, cardiovascular, renal, and neurological systems; and therapeutic aspects of neonatal, pediatric, and adult respiratory care. Also features extensive coverage of pharmacology and infection control.

Hardbound, 880 Pages

Published: January 2005

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-02700-7


  • Section I Respiratory Care Sciences and Infection Control
    1. Basic Chemistry
    2. General Principles of Gas Physics
    3. Microbiology, Sterilization, and Infection Control

    Section II Cardiopulmonary and Related Anatomy and Physiology
    4. Anatomy of the Respiratory System
    5. Mechanics of Ventilation
    6. Neurological Control of Ventilation
    7. Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Transport
    8. Intrapulmonary Shunting and Deadspace
    9. Anatomy of the Cardiovascular System
    10. Physiology of the Cardiovascular System
    11. Cardiac Electrophysiology and ECG Interpretation
    12. Hemodynamic Monitoring
    13. Renal Anatomy and Physiology
    14. Fluid and Electrolyte Balance
    15. Acid-Base Balance and Blood Gas Interpretation

    Section III The Nervous System and Pharmacology
    16. Anatomy and Physiology of the Nervous System
    17. Pharmacology

    Section IV Cardiopulmonary Assessment, and Disease, and Their Management
    18. Clinical Assessment of the Cardiopulmonary System
    19. Pulmonary Function Studies
    20. Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and General Management
    21. Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Ventilatory Management
    22. Restrictive Lung Disease: General and Ventilatory Management
    23. NEW ARDS, SARS, and Sepsis
    24. Nutrition

    Section V Neonatal and Pediatric Respiratory Care
    25. Intrauterine Development and Comparative Respiratory Anatomy
    26. Assessment and Management of the Newborn
    27. Respiratory Disorders of the Newborn
    28. Mechanical Ventilation of the Newborn
    29. Respiratory Disorders of the Pediatric Patient
    30. Mechanical Ventilation of the Pediatric Patient

    Section VI Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Home Care
    31. Pulmonary Rehabilitation
    32. Respiratory Home Care

    Section VII Basic Respiratory Care
    33. Gas Therapy
    34. Oxygen, Helium, and Nitric Oxide Therapy
    35. Aerosol and Humidity Therapy
    36. Airway Clearance Techniques
    37. Analyzers
    38. Airway Care

    Section VIII Advanced Respiratory Care
    39. Modes of Mechanical Ventilation
    40. PEEP
    41. Initiation, Maintenance, and Weaning from Mechanical Ventilation
    42. High Frequency Ventilation
    43. Noninvasive Positive Pressure Ventilation
    44. Tracheal Gas Insufflation
    45. Prone Positioning
    46. Liquid Ventilation


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