Essentials of Oral Histology and Embryology book cover

Essentials of Oral Histology and Embryology

A Clinical Approach

With clear coverage of the anatomy of oral and facial tissues, Essentials of Oral Histology and Embryology: A Clinical Approach, 4th Edition, helps you understand normal orofacial development to prepare you to care for patients with abnormalities or dental pathologies. It provides a strong foundation in oral biology, focusing on the development and structure of cells and tissues, the stages of tooth development and maturation, and the parts of teeth including enamel, dentin, dental pulp, and cementum. New illustrations and discussions of emerging issues keep you current with advances in the dental professions and patient care. Written by Daniel J. Chiego Jr., an experienced educator in oral histology and embryology, this book provides the basic science you need to succeed in the classroom and in clinical practice.


Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-10169-1


  • "This basic science text, now in an updated fourth edition, provides a clear and comprehensive guide to understanding a complex but essential part of the dental curriculum. As such, it is aimed mainly at an undergraduate dental population but can also be used  as a postgraduate reference text...This text's real strength lies in the use of a wide variety of high-quality images, which include histology slides, micrographs, radiographs and clinical photos...A further selling point is the ability for users to access a wealth of online information including a question and image bank, presentations, web-links and interactive exercises free of charge."

    The British Dental Journal, July 2013


  • 1. Development and Structure of Cells and Tissues
    2. Structure and Function of Cells, Tissues, and Organs
    3. Development of the Oral Facial Region
    4. Development of the Face and Palate
    5. Development of Teeth
    6. Eruption and Shedding of Teeth
    7. Enamel
    8. Dentin
    9. Dental Pulp
    10. Cementum
    11. Periodontium: Periodontal Ligament
    12. Periodontium: Alveolar Process and Cementum
    13. Temporomandibular Joint
    14. Oral Mucosa
    15. Salivary Glands and Tonsils
    16. Biofilms




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