Essentials of Law for Medical Practitioners book cover

Essentials of Law for Medical Practitioners

The definitive medico-legal reference for medical students and practitioners in Australia

Essentials of Law for Medical Practitioners is a timely and authoritative reference focused on the requirements of medical students and practitioners.

This easy-to-read medico-legal text assumes no prior legal practice knowledge or experience, making it ideal for those new to the medical industry.

The content addresses matters relating to all Australian jurisdictions. It also provides a brief overview of the law in several practice areas, allowing practitioners to locate key information quickly.

Topical issues discussed in Essentials of Law for Medical Practitioners include privacy and confidentiality of patient information, medical negligence, fertility and reproductive technology, the laws regarding mental health issues and professional regulation and discipline.


Published: August 2011

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-7295-7914-8


  • Foreword


    Acknowledgments and Reviewers

    Chapter 1 Introduction to law

    Chapter 2 Safety and quality in health

    Chapter 3 Documentation

    Chapter 4 Privacy and confidentiality of patient information

    Chapter 5 Negligence

    Chapter 6 Consent

    Chapter 7 End of life decisions

    Chapter 8 Fertility and reproductive technology

    Chapter 9 Drugs and poisons

    Chapter 10 Mental health

    Chapter 11 Professional regulation and discipline

    Chapter 12 Research

    Answers to review scenarios and activities


    Table of cases

    Table of statutes

    Guardianship and administration




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