Essentials of Human Resource Management book cover

Essentials of Human Resource Management

Essentials of HRM combines a commentary on organizational behaviour with an explanation of human resource management techniques, and also acts as an introduction to industrial relations. It will prove an invaluable aid to those studying for professional qualifications, such as Membership of the Institute of Personnel Management or the Diploma in Management Studies, and for students on general business or social service courses. Equally, the practising manager will find this book a useful and practical guide.

Level 1/2 (first/second year) undergraduates, and for use on all introductory courses for HRM at colleges of further education. HNC/HND, DMS and those studying for their professional qualification.


Published: May 2006

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-6795-1


  • Part One The behavioural bases of human resource management; Individual differences; Groups; Organizations; Part Two The Developing strategic role of Human Resource Management; From Personnel management to HRM: how did this field of work develop?; Human Resource strategy; Human Resource planning; Part Three Recruitment and selection; Job analysis: defining effective performance; Recruitment; Selecting employees; Part Four Assessing performance and developing people; Induction; Assessing performance potential; Training and development; Part Five Rewards; Job evaluation; Pay and benefits; Conditions of service; Part 6 Industrial relations; The history and development of Trade Unions; Collective bargaining; Negotiation techniques; Disputes and ways of resolving conflicts; Consultation and participation; Employment law: Institutions and contracts of employment; Employment law: Managing employment relationships; The contribution of HRM to organizational performance


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