Essential Stem Cell Methods

Edited by

  • Robert Lanza, Advanced Cell Technology, MA, USA
  • Irina Klimanskaya, Advance Cell Technology, Worcester, MA, USA

As part of the Reliable Lab Solutions series, this volume offers an abridged and comprehensive update of selected chapters that first appeared in the three-volume stem cell series published in Methods in Enzymology. Currently, stem cells are of great interest to scientists and clinicians due to their unique ability to differentiate into various tissues of the body, making them a promising source of cells for regenerative medicine and drug discovery as well as an excellent model of vertebrate development.
Essential Stem Cell Methods features a detailed set of protocols written by experts in the field and hand-selected by the editors to help researchers drive advances in this fast-moving field. The result is a clear set of step-by-step methods which steer the reader through the challenges of stem cell isolation and differentiation and provide a handy guide for researchers in the field.

*This ISBN replaces 978-0-12-374741-9*

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Researchers in biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, developmental biology and genetics.


Book information

  • Published: April 2009
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-375061-7