Essential Numerical Methods in Electromagnetics book cover

Essential Numerical Methods in Electromagnetics

Essential Numerical Methods for Electromagnetics presents key contributions selected from the volume in the Handbook of Numerical Analysis: Numerical Methods for Electromagnetics Vol. 13 (2005).

This reference is an accessible resource on the basics of modeling. It is designed to assist professionals in the development of electromagnetic designs for electronic components and devices. It provides essential numerical methods and applications necessary for the development of technologies and simulation modeling. Numerical methods are a key ingredient in a simulation environment where researchers create virtually simulated experiments versus physical experiments. This book serves as a useful guide for scientists, engineers, and researchers providing a quick reference of commonly used numerical methods to help solve a variety of problems in the electronic industry.


  • Provides numerical solution procedures for quick reference
  • Presents special numerical techniques to assist in specialization
  • Delivers the most commonly used methods and applications to create simulation experiments

Paperback, 414 Pages

Published: November 2010

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-53756-0


  • 1. Introduction to Electromgnetism; 2. Finite-Difference Time Domain Methods; 3. Simulation of EMC behavior; 4. Reduced-Order Modeling;


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