Essential Mathematical Methods for Physicists, ISE


  • Hans Weber, University of Virginia, USA
  • George Arfken, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, USA

This new adaptation of Arfken and Weber's bestselling Mathematical Methods for Physicists, Fifth Edition, is the most comprehensive, modern, and accessible text for using mathematics to solve physics problems. Additional explanations and examples make it student-friendly and more adaptable to a course syllabus.
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Juniors and Seniors in Physics, Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Chemistry and Environmental Sciences.


Book information

  • Published: August 2003
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-059877-9


"True to the title, this new text achieves a comprehensive coverage of the 'essential' topics in mathematical physics at the undergraduate level. This new version is filled with enlightening examples, which is the key to undergraduate teaching. More importantly, many examples are real problems from various fields of physics." - David Hwang, University of California at Davis "The book contains many worked out problems some of which are solved in more than one way to accommodate different learning needs and styles of different students. Particularly, the chapters on vector analysis, determinant and matrices, Fourier series, and probability are extremely well written and will be an instant success with the students." - Amit Chakrabati, Kansas State University

Table of Contents

Preface1. Vector Analysis2. Vector Analysis in Curved Coordinated and Tensors3. Determinants and Matrices4. Group Theory5. Infinite Series6. Functions of a Complex Variable I7. Functions of a Complex Variable II8. Differential Equations9. Sturm-Liouville Theory - Orthogonal Functions10. The Gamma Function (Factorial Function)11. Legendre Polynomials12. Bessell Functions13. Hermite and Laguerre Polynomials 14. Fourier Series15. Integral Transforms16. Partial Differential Equations17. Probability18. Calculus of Variations19. Non-Linear Methods and Chaos