Essential Bioimaging Methods

Edited by

  • P. Michael Conn, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Lubbock, USA

Need a tested, reliable method that works? Put Essential Bioimaging Methods to work for you. Editor Michael Conn has hand-picked the most robust methods from his previously-published volumes in the Methods in Enzymology series. Many of these methods have been briefly updated by the authors that created them and use them in their research, and this book further refines and organizes existing content and focuses on methods that work, including MRI, fMRI, PET, Microscopic optical imaging and other. Part of the Reliable Lab Solution series, this volume provides clear advice and explicit protocols, providing updates to classic, tried-and-true methods and an essential addition to the bookshelf or workbench of any researcher in the field.
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Researchers and students in biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, and neuroimaging


Book information

  • Published: October 2009
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-375043-3

Table of Contents

I. Imaging in Animal and Human Models
1. Positron Emission Tomography: An Advanced Nuclear Medicine Imaging Technique from Research To Clinical Rakesh Kumar, Suman Jana
2. Biophysical Basis of Animal Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Small Animals (Bruce M. Damon, John C. Gore)
3. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Macaque Monkeys (Kiyoshi Nakahara)
4. Atlas Template Images for NHP Neuroimaging: Baboon and Macaque (Kevin Black)
5. MRI of Brain Function (Stuart Clare)
II. Imaging of Receptors, Small Molecules, and Protein-Protein Interactions
6. PET Receptor Assay With Multiple Ligand Concentrations: An Equilibrium Approach (James E. Holden, Doris J. Doudet)
7. Estimation Of Local Receptor Density B’(Max) And Other Parameter Via Multiple-Injection PET Experiments (Evan Morris)
8. Magnetic Resonance Imaging In Biomedical Research: Imaging Of Drugs And Drug Effects (Markus Rudin, Nicolau Beckmann, Martin Rausch)
9. Imaging Myocardium Enzymatic Pathways With Carbon-11 Radiotracers (Carmen S. Dence, Pilar Herrero, Sally W. Schwarz, Robert H. Mach, Robert J. Gropler, Michael J. Welch)
III. Disease Models
10. Molecular And Functional Imaging of Cancer: Advances In MRI And MRS (Arvind P. Pathak, Barjor Gimi, Kristine Glunde, Ellen Ackerstaff, Dmitri Artemov, Zaver M. Bhujwalla)
11. A Modified Transorbital Baboon Model of Reperfused Stroke (Anthony L. D’Ambrosio, Michael E. Sughrue, J. Mocco, William J. Mack, Ryan G. King, Shivani Agarwal, E. Sander Connolly, Jr.)
12. Structural And Functional Optical Imaging of Angiogenesis In Animal Models (Richard L. Roberts, Pengnian Charles Lin)
13. MRI of Animal Models of Brain Disease (Louise van der Weerd, David L. Thomas, John S. Thornton, Mark F. Lythgoe)
14. Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Animal Models of Pathologies (Pasquina Marzola, Andrea Sbarbati)
15. Application Of Combined Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Histopathologic And Function Studies For Evaluation Of Aminoguanidine Following Traumatic Brain Injury In Rats (Jia Lu, Shabbir Moochhala)
IV. Preparation of Materials
16. Vascular Targeted Nanoparticles for Molecular Imaging and Therapy (Samira Guccione, King C.P.Li, Mark D. Bednarski)
17. Generation of DOTA-Conjugated Antibody Fragments For Radiommunoimaging (Peter M. Smith-Jones, David B. Solit)
V. General Methods
18. The Application of Magnetic Resonance Imaging And Spectroscopy (Kishore K. Bhakoo, Jimmy D. Bell, I. Jane Cox, Simon D. Taylor-Robinson)
19. Vozelation Methods For Genome Scale Imaging Of Brain Gene Expression (Daniel M. Sforza, Desmond J. Smith)