Essence of Memory

Edited By

  • Wayne Sossin
  • Jean-Claude Lacaille
  • Vincent Castellucci
  • Sylvie Belleville

This selection of reviews gives an up-to-date picture of memory research. Great progress has been made in identifying the memory trace at the molecular and cellular level and individual reviews address the major mechanisms by which changes in synaptic strength can persist. Exciting research at the systems level is also reviewed including the growing importance of changes in inhibitory interneurons and how they play a role in memory formation. Finally, reviews present cognitive and neurobiological models of human memory that explain, characterize and organize the act of memory within a coherent framework.
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Neuroscientists, psychologists, psychiatrists and basic and clinical researches in medical fields interested in memory research.


Book information

  • Published: April 2008
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-53164-3

Table of Contents

Wayne S. Sossin, Department of Neurology and NeurosurgeryJean-Claude Lacaille, Department of PhysiologyVincent F. Castellucci, Department of PhysiologySylvie Belleville, Department of PsychologyMontreal Neurological Institute and HospitalMcGill University, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaSECTION I. CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR APPROACHES TO THE ESSENCE OF MEMORYMolecular memory traces W.S. Sossin PKMζ,LTP Maintenance, and the dynamic molecular biology of memory storage T.C. Sacktor Understanding the importance of mRNA transport in memoryM. Del Rayo Sánchez-Carbente and L. DesGroseillers Cap-dependent translation initiation and memoryJ.L. Banko and E. Klann Translational control of gene expression: a molecular switch for memory storageM. Costa-Mattioli and N. Sonenberg Regulation of hippocampus-dependent memory by cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinaseT. Abel and P.V. Nguyen Synaptic tagging and cross-tagging and related associative reinforcement processes of functional plasticity as the cellular basis for memory formationS. Frey and J.U. FreySynaptic plasticity in learning and memory: stress effects in the hippocampusJ.G. Howland and Y.-T. Wang The role of the GluR-A (GluR1) AMPA receptor subunit in learning and memoryD.J. Sanderson, M.A. Good, P.H. Seeburg, R. Sprengel, J.N.P. Rawlins and D.M. Bannerman Synaptic remodelling, synaptic growth and the storage of long-term memory in aplysiaC.H. Bailey and E.R. Kandel Spine dynamics and synapse remodelling during LTP and memory processesM. De Roo, P. Klauser, P. Mendez Garcia, L. Poglia and D. MullerSECTION II. SYSTEMS APPROACHES TO THE ESSENCE OF MEMORYThe age of plasticity: developmental regulation of synaptic plasticity in neocortical microcircuitsA. Maffei and G. Turrigiano Differential mechanisms of transmission and plasticity at mossy fiber synapsesC.J. McBain Long-term synaptic plasticity in hippocampal feedback inhibitory networksJ.G. Pelletier and J.-C. Lacaille Persistent neural activity in the prefrontal cortex: a mechanism by which BDNF regulates working memory?E.M. Galloway, N.H. Woo and B. Lu SECTION III. ANIMAL APPROACHES TO THE ESSENCE OF MEMORYAnimal models and behaviour: their importance for the study of memoryV.F. CastellucciNew tricks for an old slug: the critical role of postsynaptic mechanisms in learning and memory in aplysiaD.L. Glanzman Olfactory memory traces in DrosophilaJ. Berry, W.C. Krause and R.L. Davis Associative learning signals in the brainW.A. Suzuki SECTION IV. HUMAN APPROACHES TO THE ESSENCE OF MEMORYWhat are the differences between long-term, short-term, and working memory?N. Cowan Encoding-retrieval overlap in human episodic memory: a functional neuroimaging perspectiveM.D. Rugg, J.D. Johnson, H. Park and M.R. Uncapher Cognitive aging and increased distractibility: costs and potential benefitsM.K. Healey, K.L. Campbell and L. HasherCharacterizing the memory changes in persons with mild cognitive impairmentS. Belleville, S. Sylvain-Roy, C. De Boysson and M.-C. M¨¦nard Aging, metamemory regulation and executive functioningM. Isingrini, A. Perrotin and C. Souchay Cognitive neuroscience studies of semantic memory in Alzheimer's diseaseH. Chertkow, C. Whatmough, D. Saumier and A. DuongThe effects of surgery and anesthesia on memory and cognitionC. Nicole, T. Rame, Q. Yanqin and B. Gilbert