Ergonomics for Therapists book cover

Ergonomics for Therapists

Ergonomics for Therapists, 3rd Edition is a comprehensive introduction to ergonomics in the workplace. Thoroughly revised with the latest ergonomic techniques and strategies, this reader-friendly resource gives you the foundation you need to help clients maximize efficiency and prevent workplace injuries before they occur.


Published: July 2007

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-04853-8


  • Part I: Overview and Conceptual Framework

    1. Ergonomics and Therapy: An Introduction

    2. A Client-Centered Framework for Therapists in Ergonomics

    3. Macroergonomics

    Part II: Knowledge, Tools, and Techniques

    4. Ergonomic Assessments/Work Assessments

    5. Anthropometry

    6. Basic Biomechanics

    7. Cognitive and Behavioral Occupational Demands of Work

    8. Psychosocial Factors in Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders

    9. Physical Environment

    10. Human Factors in Medical Rehabilitation Equipment: Product Development and Usability Testing

    Part III: Special Considerations

    11. Lifting Analysis

    12. Seating

    13. Computers and Assistive Technology

    Part IV: Application Process

    14. Ergonomics of Children and Youth

    15. Ergonomics of Aging

    16. Ergonomics in Injury Prevention and Disability Management

    17. Ergonomics of Play and Leisure

    18. Evidence-Based Practice in Ergonomics

    Part V: Resources

    19. Certifications and Professional Associations in Ergonomics

    20. Economics and Marketing of Ergonomic Services

    21. Entrepreneurship

    Appendix A. Job Analysis and Design Considerations

    Appendix B. Ergonomic Information Sheets for Consumers

    Appendix C. Answers to Review Questions


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