Equine Locomotion book cover

Equine Locomotion

Primary: equine veterinary practitioners, mixed practice veterinarians, equine orthopaedic vet specialists, equine anatomists


Published: June 2013

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-0-7020-5293-4


  • History of Locomotor System- van Weeren
    - from gait to performance labs (Denoix/Dyson, McIlwraith/Stover, Lekeux/Marlin)
    - development of the professionals themselves- Loomans

    Measurement Techniques for Gait Analysis- Clayton
    - Treadmill / Force plate- Weishaupt
    - High speed camera / video- Wilson
    - Inertial systems for kinematic analysis- Clayton
    - Ultrasonic systems for kinematic analysis- Denoix
    - Pressure mats hoof, saddle- van Heel / de Cocq
    - Application of different types of transducers- Davies, Thomason
    - Clinical instruments: flexometer etc.

    Signal=Waveform/ Statistical analysis of Biomechanical Data - Burn (Keegan / Peham) – new chapter
    The Neurobiology of Locomotor Development- Bowker
    - EMG: Wijnberg (Nollet / Spadiavecchia)

    Inter-limb Coordination- Collins

    Intra forelimb Coordination- Clayton
    - Chateau
    - chapter above and below: separate chapters in new edition
    Intra hind limb Coordination- Clayton

    The Role of the Hoof and Shoeing- Van Heel (Back)
    - Natural/barefoot/physiological foot and trim – Bowker

    Gait Adaptation in Lameness- Keegan
    - Evidence for Prepurchase- Sloet / Dyson
    - Validity of Imaging techs- Schramme
    - Ataxia quantification- Licka

    The Neck and Back- Haussler

    The Effects of Conformation- Crevier (/ Weeren – EVJ Special Edition)

    Genetics- Back
    - Equine Genome Scan- Binns (Bailey / Barrey )
    - Breed differences: WB/CB/Arab / TB/SB/QH- Rosie -new chapter
    - Outcome of epidemiological studie-: Ducro & Arendonk / WUR

    Exercise Effects on the Skeletal Tissues- Back
    - Bone- Rogers / Firth // Stover
    - Cartilage- Brommer // McIlwraith/Kawcak/Frisbie
    - Tendon- Goodship / Smith
    - Muscle- Valberg // Wijnberg

    Performance in Equestrian Sports- Clayton
    - Dressage- Clayton
    - Jumping- Weeren (Santamaria)

    Horse rider interaction- van Weeren
    - Ergonomics- Gomez (Weishaupt, Johnston/Roepstorff, Weeren)
    - Saddle- de Cocq
    - Bit, rein tension- Clayton - new chapter
    - Rider kinematics and EMG- Clayton

    Locomotor Behaviour & Welfare- Dierendonck - new chapter

    Rehabilitation- Stubbs - new chapter

    Metabolic Energetics of Locomotion- Marlin (Lekeux)

    Mechanics Analysis of Locomotion (Scaled, Modelling)- vd Bogert (Bobbert, van Leeuwen, Wilson)

    Motion capture and animatio- Clayton/Kaiser/Malinowski - new chapter


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