Equine Dermatology book cover

Equine Dermatology

This new, comprehensive text covers skin diseases of the horse from essential basics to practical diagnostic methods, therapy, and specific abnormalities and defects. Well illustrated and expertly written by two of the leaders in equine dermatology, this focused presentation discusses all aspects of bacterial, allergic, and environmental skin disease. Relevant topics in a clinically useful format make this an ideal resource for all veterinarians, in addition to anyone specializing in equine medicine.


Published: February 2003

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-0-7216-2571-3


  • 1. Structure and Function of the Skin
    2. Diagnostic Methods
    3. Dermatologic Therapy
    4. Bacterial Skin Disease
    5. Fungal Skin Disease
    6. Parasitic Skin Disease
    7. Viral and Protozoal Skin Diseases
    8. Skin Immune System and Allergic Skin Diseases
    9. Immune-Mediated Disorders
    10. Endocrine, Metabolic, and Nutritional Diseases
    11. Congenital and Hereditray Defects
    12. Pigmentary Abnormalities
    13. Keratinization Defects
    14. Envrionmental Skin Disease
    15. Miscellaneious Skin Diseases
    16. Neoplastic and Non-Neoplastic Tumors


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