Equilibria and Dynamics of Gas Adsorption on Heterogeneous Solid Surfaces

Edited by

  • W. Rudziński, Maria-Curie-Sklodowska University, Lublin, Poland
  • W.A. Steele, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA, USA
  • G. Zgrablich, University of San Luis, San Luis, Argentina

The fact that the surfaces of real solids are geometrically distorted and chemically non-uniform has long been realized by the scientists investigating various phenomena occurring on solid surfaces. Even in the case when diffraction experiments show a well-organized bulk solid structure, the surface atoms or molecules will usually exhibit a much smaller degree of surface organization. In addition to the results obtained from electron diffraction, this can be seen in the impressive images obtained from STM and AFM microscopies. This geometric and chemical disorder is the source of the energetic heterogeneity for molecules adsorbing on real solid surfaces. Hundreds of papers have been published showing that this heterogeneity is a major factor in determining the behaviour of real adsorption systems.

Studies of adsorption on energetically heterogeneous surfaces have proceeded along three somewhat separate paths, with only minor coupling of ideas. One was the study of adsorption equilibria on heterogeneous solid surfaces. The second path was the study of time evolution of adsorption processes such as surface diffusion or adsorption-desorption kinetics on heterogeneous surfaces, and the third was the study of adsorption in porous solids, or more generally, adsorption in systems with limited dimensions. The present monograph is a first attempt to provide a synthesis of the ways that surface geometric and energetic heterogeneities affect both the equilibria and the time evolution of adsorption on real solids. The book contains 17 chapters written by a team of internationally recognized specialists, some of whom have already published books on adsorption.

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Book information

  • Published: December 1996
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-82243-7

Table of Contents

Preface. List of Contributors. 1. Theoretical Principles of Single– and Mixed–Gas Adsorption Equilibriaon Heterogeneous Solid Surfaces (G.F. Cerofolini, W. Rudziński). 2. Application ofLattice–Gas Models to Describe Mixed–Gas Adsorption Equilibria on HeterogeneousSolid Surfaces (Yu,K. Tovbin). 3. Theories of the Adsorption–Desorption Kinetics onHomogeneous Surfaces (H.J. Kreuzer, S.H. Payne). 4. Theory of Adsorption–DesorptionKinetics on Flat Homogeneous Surfaces (Yu.K. Tovbin). 5. Statistical Rate Theory and the MaterialProperties Controlling Adsorption Kinetics on Well Defined Surfaces (J.A.W. Elliot, C.A. Ward). 6.A New Theoretical Approach to Adsorption–Desorption Kinetics on EnergeticallyHeterogeneous Flat Solid Surfaces Based on Statistical Rate Theory of Interfacial Transport (W.Rudziński). 7. Surface Diffusion of Adsorbates on Heterogeneous Substrates (G. Zgrablich). 8.Computer Simulation of Surface Diffusion in Adsorbed Phases (W.A. Steele). 9. MulticomponentDiffusion in Zeolites and Multicomponent Surface Diffusion (Y.D. Chen, R.T. Yang). 10. Energy andStructure Heterogeneities for the Adsorption in Zeolites (A.S.T. Chiang, C.K. Lee, W. Rudziński, J.Narkiewicz–Michalek, P. Szabelski). 11. Static and Dynamic Studies of the Energetic SurfaceHeterogeneity of Clay Minerals (F. Villieras (et al.). 12. Multilayer Adsorption as a Toolto Investigate the Fractal Nature of Porous Adsorbents (P. Pfeifer, K.-Y. Liu). 13. Heterogeneous SurfaceStructures of Adsorbents (K. Kaneko). 14. Characterization of Geometrical and EnergeticHeterogeneities of Active Carbons by Using Sorption Measurements (M. Jaroniec, J. Choma). 15.Structure of Porous Adsorbents: Analysis Using Density Functional Theory and Molecular Simulation(C.M. Lastoskie, N. Quirke, K.E. Gubbins). 16. Dynamics of Adsorption in Heterogeneous Solids(D.D. Do). 17. Sorption Rate Processes in Carbon Molecular Sieves (J.M.D. MacElroy, N.A. Seaton,S.P. Friedman). Subject Index.