Epitaxial Microstructures, 40 book cover

Epitaxial Microstructures, 40

Volume 40


Published: August 1994

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-752140-4


  • E. Schubert, Delta-Doping of Semiconductors: Electronic, Optical, and Structural Properties of Materials and Devices. A. Gossard, M. Sundaram, and P Hopkins, Wide Graded Potential Wells. P. Petroff, Direct Growth of Nanometer Size Quantum Wire Superlattices. E. Kapon, Lateral Patterning of Quantum Well Heterostructures by Growth of Nonplanar Substrates. H. Temkin, D. Gershoni, and M. Panish, Optical Properties of Ga1-xInxAs/InP Quantum Wells.


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