Epigenetics and Cancer, Part B

  • Zdenko Herceg
    • Toshikazu Ushijima

    Genes interact with the environment, experience, and biology of the brain to shape an animal’s behavior. This latest volume in Advances in Genetics, organized according to the most widely used model organisms, describes the latest genetic discoveries in relation to neural circuit development and activity.
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    Geneticists, molecular biologists, neurobiologists


Book information

  • Published: October 2010
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-380864-6

Table of Contents

SECTION I. Epigenetic changes induced by environmental and dietary/lifestyle factors

  1. Induction of epigenetic alterations by dietary and other environmental factors
  2. John C. Mathers and Caroline Relton

  3. Induction of epigenetic alterations by chronic inflammation
  4. Toshikazu Ushijima

  5. Exposure in utero and early-life exposure and epigenetic alterations
  6. Kent L. Thornburg

  7. Folate, one carbone metabolism & DNA methylation in cancer
  8. Robyn Ward

    SECTION II. Epigenetic biomarkers

  9. Epigenetic biomarkers for cancer pathophysiology
  10. Dajun Deng

  11. Detection of epigenetic changes in body fluids
  12. Triantafillos Liloglou

  13. Epigenetic biomarkers for cancer risk assessment
  14. Toshikazu Ushijima

    SECTION III. Application of epigenetics in molecular epidemiology and epigenetic cancer prevention

  15. Epigenetics in molecular epidemiology
  16. Yasuhito Yuasa

  17. Epigenetic cancer prevention
  18. Jia Chen

    SECTION IV. Epigenetic databases

  19. Epigenetics databases and computational methodologies

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