Epigenetics and Cancer, Part A book cover

Epigenetics and Cancer, Part A

Hardbound, 394 Pages

Published: October 2010

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-380866-0


    1. Introduction, objectives of the book
    2. Zdenko Herceg and Toshikazu Ushijima

      Section I. Basic epigenetic mechanisms in the regulation of critical cellular processes

    3. DNA methylation and cancer
    4. Manel Esteller

    5. Histone modifications and cancer
    6. Zdenko Herceg

    7. Epigenetics and miRNAs in human cancer
    8. George A Calin

    9. Interplay between different epigenetic mechanisms
    10. Rabih Murr


      Section II. Epigenetic events underlying biological phenomena

    11. Genomic imprinting and cancer
    12. Eamonn Maher

    13. Epigenetic code and stem cells
    14. Yasuhiro Yamada

    15. Inheritance of epigenetic aberrations (constitutional epimutations) in cancer susceptibility
    16. Megan Hitchins

      Section III. Cancer epigenome

    17. Cancer epigenome
    18. Stephan Beck

    19. Identification of driver methylation by epigenomic analysis
    20. Gerd Pfeifer

    21. Epigenetic driver of genetic alterations
    22. Minoru Toyota

      Section VI. Epigenetic therapy and epigenetic drugs

    23. DNA demethylating agents and epigenetic therapy of cancer
    24. Mani Samson and Zdenko Herceg

    25. Histone modification therapy of cancer

    Severio Minucci


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