Epidemiology of Leukaemia & Lymphoma book cover

Epidemiology of Leukaemia & Lymphoma

Report of the Leukemia Research Fund International Workshop, Oxford, UK, September 1984

This study arose from an international collaborative study initiated some 3 years ago. The study was designed to see if careful subdivision of acute lymphatic leukaemia using a standardised panel of monoclonal antibodies would reveal interesting associations between subtypes and particular geographic regions or ethnic groups within regions which might then be further investigated. Preliminary results of this pilot study were presented at the workshop and are published in this volume. The book also includes other more classical epidemiological studies, recent observations on known aetiological factors and data from other geographic regions.

For all leukaemia research workers.


Published: December 1985

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-032002-1


  • ...invaluable for the student of leukaemia...This small book contains a wealth of information and is recommended as a reliable source of comparative data to all involved in the investigation and treatment of patients with leukaemia and lymphoma.
    SAMT DEEL 70, 20 December 1986

    It is essential reading for all who are interested and involved in the fields of epidemiology, haematology and oncology.
    Update, 1 July 1987


  • (partial) International data collection and interpretation: a review, D M Parkin. Recent epidemiological studies of leukaemia in the UK, R A Cartwright. Epidemiological and immunological characteristics of childhood leukaemia in the Netherlands: population-based data from a nationwide co-operative group of paediatricians, J W W Coebergh et al. Viruses as risk factors or causes of human leukaemias and lymphomas? G De Thé et al. Epidemiology of human retroviruses, W A Blattner & R C Gallo. Animal models: lessons from feline and bovine leukaemia virus infections, D Onions. Collaborative group study of the epidemiology of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia subtypes: background and first report, M F Greaves et al. The epidemiology of lymphomas and leukaemias in Africa -- an overview, A F Fleming. Influence of life-style on the pattern of leukaemia and lymphoma subtypes among Nigerians, C K O Williams. Observations on the epidemiology and subtypes of lymphatic malignancies in Israel, B Ramot et al. Epidemiologic and immunologic characteristics of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and adult T-cell leukaemia in Japan, K Kita et al. Appendix.


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