Environmental Vision book cover

Environmental Vision

Interactions of the Eye, Vision, and the Environment

Student clinicians will be guided through the assessment process -- how to make correct diagnoses of environmental problems and needs and determining appropriate treatments to maximize patients' visual performance in their environment.


Published: June 1993

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-9051-5


  • good reference book, some material is too dated, some chapters are too scientific for practicing od's


  • VISION AND THE ENVIRONMENT: Occupational Optometry and Primary Care; Occupational Optometry in Practice; Ophthalmic Standards; RADIATION, LIGHTING, AND VISION: The Electromagnetic Spectrum; Basic Concepts in Environmental Lighting; Ocular Effects of Radiant Energy; Lasers in Industry and the Clinic; Clinical Applications of Lasers; OCULAR PROTECTION AGAINST OPTICAL RADIATION HAZARDS: Principles in Ocular Protection; Ophthalmic Materials for Ocular Protection; Sunglasses for Ocular Protection; Contact Lenses in the Work Environment; Visual Display Terminals: Visual Problems and Solutions; Vision and Motor Vehicle Operation; SPECIAL PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS IN ENVIRONMENTAL VISION: Protecting the Eye from Welding; Special Clinical Problems; Vision and Drugs


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