Environmental Solutions

Environmental Problems and the All-inclusive global, scientific, political, legal, economic, medical, and engineering bases to solve them


  • Franklin Agardy, President, Forensic Management Associates, San Mateo, CA
  • Nelson Nemerow, Consulting Environmental Engineer Encinitas, CA

In our changing world, society demands more comprehensive and thoughtful solutions from environmental engineers, environmental consultants and scientists dealing with the degradation of our environment. Lead by Nelson Nemerow and Franklin Agardy, experts in business, academia, government and practice have been brought together in this book to provide guidance for these environmental professionals. The reader is presented with a variety of solutions to common and not so common environmental problems which lay the groundwork for environmental advocates to decide which solutions will work best for their particular circumstances. This book discusses chemical, biological, physical, forensic, medical, international, economic, political, industrial-collaborative solutions and solutions for rural and developing countries giving readers the freedom to evaluate a variety of options and make informed decisions. End of chapter questions and additional resources are included making this an invaluable teaching tool and ideal reference for those currently involved in improving and preserving our environment.
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Environmental engineers, civil engineers, governmental policy makers and regulators, chemical engineers, academics, environmental consultants, administrative workers and industrial decision makers concerned with environmental issues.


Book information

  • Published: August 2005
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-088441-4


"If I were to teach a general environmental course dealing with world-wide environmental problems and solutions, I would seriously consider this book as a text." Gary F. Bennett, University of Toledo, Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Toledo, Ohio in the Journal of Hazardous Materials

Table of Contents

Part I: Politics and Policy of PollutionChapter One: The Political EnvironmentChapter Two: Forensic (legal) SolutionsChapter Three: Educatioonal SolutionsPart II: Scientific and Technical SolutionsChapter Four: EconomicSolutionsChapter Five: Physical(Engineering) SolutionsChapter Six: Biological SolutionsChapter Seven: Hydrogen Energy SolutionsChapter Eight: Chemical SolutionsChapter Nine: Electrical and Thermal SolutionsChapter Ten: Medical SolutionsChapter Eleven: Industrial and Municipal Collaborative SolutionsChapter Twelve: Industrial Ecology SolutionsPart III: International AspectsChapter Thirteen: Rural and Developing Country SolutionsChapter Fourteen: International SolutionsPart IV: SummaryChapter Fifteen: Summary