Environmental Noise Pollution book cover

Environmental Noise Pollution

Noise Mapping, Public Health, and Policy

Environmental Noise Pollution: Noise Mapping, Public Health and Policy addresses the key debates surrounding environmental noise pollution with a particular focus on the European Union. Environmental noise pollution is an emerging public policy and environmental concern and is considered to be one of the most important environmental stressors affecting public health throughout the world.

This book examines environmental noise pollution, its health implications, the role of strategic noise mapping for problem assessment, major sources of environmental noise pollution, noise mitigation approaches, and related procedural and policy implications. Drawing on the authors' considerable research expertise in the area, the book is the first coherent work on this major environmental stressor, a new benchmark reference across disciplinary, policy and national boundaries.

Environmental Health Specialists, Environmental Consultants

Hardbound, 282 Pages

Published: May 2014

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-12-411595-8


    1. Introduction
    2. Principles of Environmental Noise
    3. Noise and Public Health
    4. Transportation Noise
    5. Industrial and Other Noise Sources
    6. European Policy
    7. Strategic Noise Mapping
    8. Noise Mitigation Approaches
    9. Policies and Considerations for the Future


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