Environmental Microbiology book cover

Environmental Microbiology

Hardbound, 624 Pages

Published: September 2008

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-370519-8


  • SECTION 1 - REVIEW OF BASIC MICROBIOLOGICAL CONCEPTS1. Introduction to Environmental Microbiology (Maier, Pepper, Gerba) 2. Microorganisms (Roane, Maier) 3. Bacterial Growth (Maier) SECTION 2 - MICROBIAL ENVIRONMENTS4. Earth Environments (Maier, Pepper) 5. Aeromicrobiology (Pepper, Dowd) 6. Aquatic Environments (Maier, Sandrin, Dowd, Herman) 7. Extreme Environments (Maier) SECTION 3 - DETECTION, ENUMERATION, AND INDENTIFICATION8. Environmental Sample Collection & Processing (Pepper, Gerba, Maier)9. Microscopic Techniques (Roane, Pepper, Maier)10. Cultural Methods (Gerba, Pepper) 11. Physiological Methods (Sandrin, Herman, Maier)12. Immunological Methods (Dowd, Maier) 13. Nucleic Acid-Based Methods of Analysis(Newby, Maier) SECTION 4 - MICROBIAL COMMUNICATION, ACTIVITIES, AND INTERACTIONS WITH ENVIRONMENT AND NUTRIENT CYCLING14. Biogeochemical Cycling (Maier) 15. Consequences of Biogeochemical Cycles Gone Wild (Maier, Herman) 16. Microbial Communication: Bacteria/Bacteria and Bacteria/Host (Pierson)17. Bacterial Communities in Natural Ecosystems (Maier, Pepper)18. Global Change and Microbial Infectious Disease (Pepper, Gerba)19. Microbial Transport (Newby, Pepper, Maier) SECTION 5 - REMEDIATION OF ORGANIC AND METAL POLLUTANTS20. Microorganisms and Organic Pollutants (Maier)21. Microorganisms and Metal Pollutants (Roane, Rensing, Pepper, Maier) SECTION 6 - WATER- AND FOOD-BORNE PATHOGENS22. Environmentally Transmitted Pathogens (Gerba)23. Indicator Microorganisms (Gerba) SECTION 7 - WASTE TREATMENT AND DISINFECTION24. Wastewater Treatment and Biosolids Reuse (Gerba, Pepper)25. Drinking Water Treatment (Gerba) 26. Disinfection (Gerba) SECTION 8 - URBAN MICROBIOLOGY27. Domestic and Indoor Microbiology (Gerba, Pepper) 28. Microorganisms and Bioterrorism (Pepper, Choi, Gerba) 30. Risk Assessment(Gerba)


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