Enhancing Learning and Teaching Through Student Feedback in Engineering book cover

Enhancing Learning and Teaching Through Student Feedback in Engineering

Student feedback has appeared in the forefront of higher education quality, particularly the issues of effectiveness and the use of student feedback to affect improvement in higher education teaching and learning, and other areas of the students’ tertiary experience. Despite this, there has been a relative lack of academic literature available, especially in a book format. This book focuses on the experiences of academics, higher education leaders and managers with expertise in these areas.

Enhancing Learning and Teaching through Student Feedback in Engineering is the first in a series on student feedback focusing on a specific discipline, in this case engineering. It expands on topics covered in the previous book, by the same authors. Valuable contributions have been made from a variety of experts in the area of higher education quality and student feedback in the field of engineering.

Academics, managers and leaders involved in higher engineering education worldwide

Paperback, 164 Pages

Published: January 2012

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-645-6


  • Student feedback in engineering: A discipline-specific overview and background; Advances in engineering education in Chile using student feedback; Formative student feedback: Enhancing the quality of learning and teaching; Role of soft skills in engineering education: Students’ perceptions and feedback; Engineering programmes in Thailand: Enhancing the quality of student feedback; Summative quality assurance systems: Not good enough for quality enhancement; Engineering programmes in the UK: The student feedback experience; Trends, issues and the future of student feedback in engineering.


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