Engineering The Risks of Hazardous Wastes book cover

Engineering The Risks of Hazardous Wastes

Hardbound, 306 Pages

Published: March 2003

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-7742-4


  • "Dr. Vallero has chosen to focus this book on the most critical phase of hazardous waste engineering, the engineering of risk management for the various types of hazardous contaminants. Understanding risk management is critical to the control of hazardous waste materials for environmental engineers.", Foreword to book, Ross E. McKinney, Duke Univerity


  • 1. An Engineering Perspective on the Risks of Hazardous Wastes2. Entering the Risk Era3. The Fate, Transformation, and Transport of Hazardous Chemicals4. Opportunities for Hazardous Waste Intervention by Engineers5. A Risk Based Assessment to Support Remediating of a Hazardous Waste Site6. The Role of the Engineer in Emergency Response7. Risk Perception: What You Say May Not Be What They Hear8. Closing Thoughts on the Future of Hazardous Waste Engineering


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