Engineering Textiles book cover

Engineering Textiles

Integrating the Design and Manufacture of Textile Products

The need for manufacturers to make new products, diversify existing products and remain globally competitive is increasing. Engineering textiles: integrating the design and manufacture of textile products covers many aspects of product development and design conceptualization for both technical and traditional textiles. It also discusses several approaches to the fiber-to-fabric engineering of various textile products.

Part one discusses fiber-to-fabric engineering in the context of product development and design of fiber-based products. Part two discusses the different types of fibers, yarns and fabrics suitable for the production of traditional and function-focused textiles. Chapters include key topics such as structure, characteristics and the design of textiles. Part three concludes with a discussion of the development of specific fibre applications, ranging from traditional textile products through to technical textiles such as transport and medical applications.

Written by a highly distinguished author, this book is a pioneering guide to textile product design and development for a broad spectrum of readers, ranging from engineers in all fields, including textiles, material, mechanical, electrical, civil, chemical, polymer and fiber engineers. It is also suitable for textile technologists, fiber scientists and for those involved in research and development of both traditional and new-generation textile products.

Hardbound, 560 Pages

Published: November 2008

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84569-048-9


  • Part 1 Concepts of fabric engineering, product development and design: Introduction: Textile fiber-to-fabric engineering; Textile engineering principles and concepts; Textile product development: Basic concepts and critical factors; Textile product design; Textile product design conceptualization: Basic elements and tools; Textile product design analysis and modeling. Part 2 Material selection: Material selection for textile product design; Structure, characteristics and types of fiber for textile product design; Structure and types of yarns for textile product design; Types of fabric for textile product design; Finishing processes for fibrous assemblies in textile product design. Part 3 Development and applications of fibrous products: Development of traditional textile fiber products; Development of technical textile products: Materials and applications; Development of textile fiber products for transportation applications; Development of textile fiber products for medical and protection applications.


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