Engineering Creativity book cover

Engineering Creativity

The book focuses on creativity research and how what we know about who is creative, what products are creative, the best processes for fostering creativity, and the best environments for fostering creativity can be applied to the engineering realm. The book provides practical advice to fostering creativity in the inception of new products, product design, and generating novel, effective, and practical solutions to technological problems. The book discusses what creativity is and isn’t in applied settings, how to foster it, and why it’s important to the future of technological advancement.


Personality and cognitive psychologists interested in creativity

Hardbound, 250 Pages

Published: April 2015

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-800225-4


  • 1. Processes for Generating Creative Ideas

    2.Creativity in the Wider Context of Innovation and Problem-solving

    3.Personal Factors and Personality Creativity

    4.Creativity and the Role of the Environment

    5.Measuring Creativity in People, Products and Processes and Workplaces

    6.Creativity Training

    7.Embedding Creativity in Engineering Education


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