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Computer-Aided Engineering Design

e-Design is the first book to integrate discussion of computer design tools throughout the design process. Through this book, the reader will understand...

    • basic design principles and all-digital design paradigms.
    • CAD/CAE/CAM tools available for various design related tasks.
    • how to put an integrated system together to conduct All-Digital Design (ADD).
    • Industrial proactices in employing ADD and tools for product development.

    Mechanical, Aerospace, and Industrial Engineers studying design.  Engineers interested in learning computer design tools such as ProEngineer and SolidWorks in the context of the design process.  Senior and first-year graduate engineering students in Mechanical, Aerospace, Industrial, and Materials Engineering.

    e-Book, 996 Pages

    Published: September 2013

    Imprint: Academic Press

    ISBN: 978-0-12-382039-6


      1. Introduction to All-Digital Design
      2. Geometric and Solid Modeling
      3. Mechanical Assembly
      4. Design Parameterization
      5. Product Data Management and Data Exchange
      6. Kinematic and Dynamic Analyses of Mechanical Systems
      7. Structural Analysis Using Finite Element Method
      8. Fatigue and Fracture Analysis
      9. Failure Probability Estimate
      10. Reliability-Based Design
      11. Virtual Manufacturing
      12. Rapid Prototyping
      13. Product Cost Estimate
      14. Design Decision Making
      15. Design Optimization
      16. Future Trends in All-Digital Design

      Project P1: Solid Modeling, Design Parameterization, and Product Data Exchange

      Project P2: Mechanical System Analysis

      Project P3: Structural FEA and Fatigue Analysis

      Project P4: CNC Machining Simulations

      Project S1: Solid Modeling, Design Parameterization, and Product Data Exchange

      Project S2: Mechanical System Analysis

      Project S3: Structural FEA and Fatigue Analysis

      Project S4: CNC Machining Simulations


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