Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance


  • James Oschman, PhD, Nature's Own Research Association, Dover, USA

The book offers a reinterpretation of mind and body processes based upon the concept of an informational continuum acting at the interface of quantum and classical physics. Looking at mind-body medicine and the effect which the natural 'energy forces' within the body have in the maintenance of normal health and well-being, new research at all levels indicates that living processes interact within the energy domains of the quantum world. This quantum biology is the foundation of Energy Medicine and provides a scientific evidence base for the theories proposed.
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Book information

  • Published: June 2003
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-5400-5

Table of Contents

Prologue, Preface, Acknowledgements, Introduction
Chapter 1 A brief history of energy medicine, Chapter 2 Energy medicine today, Chapter 3 A place for science, Chapter 4 Prof takes on cancer, Chapter 5 A kitten and a fly, Chapter 6 Sensation and movement at the edge, Chapter 7 Another way of knowing and moving, Chapter 8 Introducing the living matrix, Chapter 9 Properties of the living matrix, Chapter 10 The living matrix and acupuncture, Chapter 11 More clues from acupuncture, Chapter 12 Continuum in natural systems, Chapter 13 A crisis in bioenergetics, Chapter 14 Introducing biological coherence, Chapter 15 Limitations of the neuron doctrine, Chapter 16 Sensation and movement, Chapter 17 Neural communication, Chapter 18 Muscle contraction, Chapter 19 Biological coherence: the Davydov soliton, Chapter 20 Solitons and muscle contraction, Chapter 21 Sensing solitons in soft tissues, Chapter 22 Soft tissue memory, Chapter 23 Soft tissue holography, Chapter 24 A Continuum Pathway for sensation and movement, Chapter 25. Quantum Coherence in the Living Matrix.