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Energy from the Waves

Revised and substantially expanded to include the latest developments in the field, the second edition of this popular book provides a concise, non-technical account of the historical background and current research and development in the field of wave energy and its planned utilisation. It explains in simple terms the technology involved and describes the new inventions, devices and discoveries which led wave energy to be regarded as a significant future source of alternative power. The author recounts the major events leading up to today's development; the roles played by the principal characters involved, inventors, engineers and politicians and the inevitable struggle which all pioneers must face. The book concludes by discussing the environmental implications, the political conflicts and the problems which lie ahead. Also included, is a useful glossary of terms and a selected bibliography of important technical reports and further sources of information

Energy Scientists and Marine Engineers, Environmentalists, Research Establishments and Public Libraries, General Public


Published: April 1981

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-026716-6


  • The only systematic guide to wave energy...deserves to have considerable success and to find a place on the shelves of engineers and others interested in new energy technologies.

    Engineering Today 8/81

    ...a unique record of the major events which have resulted in the UK being acknowledged leaders in developing a new energy source.

    British Book News 1981


  • (partial) Introduction

    How it all started

    What is a wave?

    Back to the water wheel

    How many gigawatts?

    The letter from the bionics department

    The first big scheme

    The ship with a broken back

    The duck that won't lie down

    Now we copy the Japanese

    How firm can it be?


    Addendum: the bathtub syndrome


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