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From diagnostic to therapeutic procedures, Endosonography, 3rd Edition is an easy-to-access, highly visual guide covering everything you need to effectively perform EUS, interpret your findings, diagnose accurately, and choose the best treatment course. World-renowned endosonographers help beginners apply endosonography in staging cancers, evaluating chronic pancreatitis, and studying bile duct abnormalities and submucosal lesions. Practicing endosonographers can learn cutting-edge techniques for performing therapeutic interventions such as drainage of pancreatic pseudocysts and EUS-guided anti-tumor therapy. Meticulous updates, electronic access to the fully searchable text, videos detailing various methods and procedures-and more-equip you with a complete overview of all aspects of EUS.



Hardbound, 400 Pages

Published: July 2014

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-0-323-22151-1


  • Section I. Basics of EUS

    1. Principles of Ultrasound

    2. Equipment

    3. Training and Simulators

    4. Indications, Preparation, and Adverse Effects

    5. New Techniques in Endoscopic Ultrasound: Real-Time Elastography, Contrast-Enhanced EUS, and Fusion Imaging

    Section II. Mediastinum

    6. How to perform EUS in the Esophagus and Mediastinum

    7. EUS and EBUS in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

    8. EUS in Esophageal Cancer

    9. EUS in the evaluation of Posterior Mediastinal Lesions

    Section III. Stomach

    10. How to perform EUS in the Stomach

    11. Subepithelial Lesions

    12. EUS in the evaluation of Gastric Tumors

    Section IV. Pancreas and Biliary Tree

    13. How to perform EUS in the Pancreas, Bile Duct and Liver

    14. EUS in Inflammatory Disease of the Pancreas

    15. EUS in Pancreatic Tumors

    16. EUS in the Evaluation of Pancreatic Cysts

    17. EUS in Bile Duct, Gallbladder and Ampullary Lesions

    Section V. Anorectum

    18. How to perform Anorectal EUS

    19. EUS in Rectal Cancer

    20. Evaluation of Anal Sphincter by Anal EUS

    Section VI. EUS-guided Tissue Acquisition

    21. How to perform EUS-guided Fine Needle Aspiration

    22. How to perform EUS-guided Fine Needle Biopsy

    23. Cytology Primer for Endosonographers

    Section VII. Interventional EUS

    24. EUS-guided Drainage of Pancreatic Fluid Collections

    25. EUS-guided Drainage of the Biliary and Pancreatic Ductal Systems

    26. EUS-guided Ablation Therapy and Celiac Plexus Interventions

    27. EUS-guided Drainage of Gallbladder, Pelvic Abscess and Other Therapeutic Interventions


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