Endocrine Gland Development and Disease book cover

Endocrine Gland Development and Disease

This new volume of Current Topics in Developmental Biology covers endocrine gland development and disease, and with contributions from an international board of authors. The chapters provide a comprehensive set of reviews covering such topics as sex determination & gonadogenesis, hypothalamus, paraythyroid and placenta.

Researchers in cell, developmental, and molecular biology; genetics

Hardbound, 344 Pages

Published: December 2013

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-416021-7


  • 1. Pituitary Gland Development and Disease: From Stem Cell to Hormone Production
    Shannon W. Davis, Buffy S. Ellsworth, María Inés Peréz Millan, Peter Gergics, Vanessa Schade, Nastaran Foyouzi, Michelle L. Brinkmeier, Amanda H. Mortensen, and Sally A. Camper
    2. Development of the Medial Hypothalamus: Forming a Functional Hypothalamic-Neurohypophyseal Interface
    Caroline Alayne Pearson and Marysia Placzek
    3. Mammalian Sex Determination and Gonad Development
    Dagmar Wilhelm, Jennifer X. Yang, and Paul Thomas
    4. Mechanisms of Thyroid Development and Dysgenesis: An Analysis based on Developmental Stages and Concurrent Embryonic Anatomy
    Mikael Nilsson and Henrik Fagman
    5. The Pineal Gland from Development to Function
    Dora Sapède and Elise Cau
    6. From Pancreatic Islet Formation to Beta-Cell Regeneration
    Fabio Avolio, Anja Pfeifer, Monica Courtney, Elisabet Gjernes, Nouha Ben-Othman, Andhira Vieira, Noémie Druelle, Biljana Faurite, and Patrick Collombat
    7. Adrenocortical Development, Maintenance and Disease
    Rebecca Yates, Harshini Katugampola, Dominic Cavlan, Katy Cogger, Eirini Meimaridou, Claire Hughes, Louise Metherell, Leonardo Guasti, and Peter King


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