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Encyclopedia of Textile Finishing

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The textile processing industry is complexly structured - just as complex, even impenetrable is the know-how that an expert in the textile field should have. The new Encyclopedia of Textile Finishing is designed to bring some order into the confusion of technical terms in this sector. The encyclopedia was devised with the specialists in mind and is a store of knowledge for the textile specialist. It consists of three volumes containing in alphabetical order the latest research findings (approx. 16000 keywords) from all technical disciplines of textile finishing and their practice-related application. Clear, colored illustrations and numerous cross references serve for faster comprehension and conveyence of information. By virtue of its interdisciplinary character, this reference book is an irreplaceable aid for users from all fields of textile industry. Thus, no textile engineer and no library should be without it.

Written for factory managers, engineers, technologists, environmental officers in the textile industry, textile machine producing industry, chemist-colorists, clothing manufacturers, materials quality inspectors (in institutions or big department store chains), dry cleaners (drycleaning chains), researchers/students in textile science.

Hardbound, 766 Pages

Published: July 1995

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84569-066-3


  • Encyclopedic from A to Z covering - among others - the following subjects of textile engineering: Environmental protection; Colorimetry; Fibre technology; Dyeing; Printing; Ecology; Machines; Macromolecular chemistry; Exhaust air; Physical chemistry; Process technology etc.


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