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Encyclopedia of Quaternary Science

The second revised edition of the Encyclopedia of Quaternary Science, provides both students and professionals with an up-to-date reference work on this important and highly varied area of research. There are lots of new articles, and many of the articles that appeared in the first edition have been updated to reflect advances in knowledge since 2006, when the original articles were written. The second edition will contain about 375 articles, written by leading experts around the world. This major reference work is richly illustrated with more than 3,000 illustrations, most of them in colour.


Researchers, professionals and students studying Earth processes and history over the last 1-2 million years

Hardbound, 3888 Pages

Published: April 2013

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-53643-3


  • Quote for 1st edition:

    "This is a monumental work of paramount importance for modern earth science. ...Probably the most significant single overview of Quaternary science ever. ...The book bears an imprint of unhurried thoroughness in editing...makes reading chapter-by-chapter a pleasure. ...Colour...and resolution of figures...are superb. This book... will undoubtedly be appreciated by the research community and is here to stay as frontrunner for many years to come. Congratulations to...all who decide to put it on their shelves."--BOREAS - An International Journal of Quaternary Research


  • Historical Overview
    Quaternary Climate Change
    Dating Quaternary Events
    Trapped Electron Dating Methods
    Paleomagnetic dating
    Chemical Dating Methods
    Biological Dating Methods
    Sediment Dating Methods
    Glacial Landforms
    History of Quaternary Glaciations
    Paleosols and Wind-Blown Sediments
    Lake Level Studies
    Quaternary Paleobotany (Palynology)
    Plant Macrofossils
    Quaternary Vertebrate Records
    Insect fossils
    Ice Core Records
    Humans in the Quaternary
    Proglacial Lakes and Megafloods
    Use of Quaternary Proxies in Forensic Science
    Tree-ring Studies


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