Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals

Edited by

  • Bernd Wursig, Texas A&M University, Galveston, Texas, USA
  • William Perrin, National Marine Fisheries Service, La Jolla, CA, USA
  • Bernd Wursig, Texas A&M University, Galveston, Texas, USA
  • J.G.M. Thewissen, Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine, Rootstown, USA

This thorough revision of the classic first edition brings this authoritative book right up-to-date. Articles describe every species in detail, based on the very latest taxonomy, and a host of biological, ecological and sociological aspects relating to marine mammals. The latest information on the biology, ecology, anatomy, behavior and interactions with man is provided by a cast of expert authors - all presented in such detail and clarity to support both marine mammal specialists and the serious naturalist. Fully referenced throughout and with a fresh selection of the best color photographs available, the long-awaited 2e remains at the forefront as the go-to reference on marine mammals.
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Book information

  • Published: November 2008
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-373553-9


"This book's encyclopedic coverage of marine mammals has been fully revised and updated. Despite its size, it is easy to use. I recommend this book for anyone interested in marine mammals!"
- The Birdbooker Report

 "Its ease of use and interesting look will assure that it is a handy, and well-used, reference book for scientists in the field as well as for students looking for interesting topics for term papers. The second edition's new colorful look expands it's consumer base and makes it an excellent choice for high school and undergraduate university libraries." --Paul E. Nachtigall, University of Hawaii

“This revision of the well-received first edition adds several new chapters in areas of marine mammal science that have changed significantly, e.g., climate change and the ‘interface of ecology and conservation.’ Somewhat fragmented topics are now combined into more comprehensive ones. Additionally, almost all entries are updated, and color photographs appear throughout. Each of the 260 chapters is authored by an acclaimed contributor and covers species and topics relating to anatomy, physiology, behavior, conservation, ecology, and more…. Overall, this encyclopedia’s content serves as an important reference source for marine mammals.” -- CHOICE

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