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Encyclopedia of Inland Waters

Inland aquatic habitats occur world-wide at all scales from marshes, swamps and temporary puddles, to ponds, lakes and inland seas; from streams and creeks to rolling rivers. Vital for biological diversity, ecosystem function and as resources for human life, commerce and leisure, inland waters are a vital component of life on Earth. The Encyclopedia of Inland Waters describes and explains all the basic features of the subject, from water chemistry and physics, to the biology of aquatic creatures and the complex function and balance of aquatic ecosystems of varying size and complexity. Used and abused as an essential resource, it is vital that we understand and manage them as much as we appreciate and enjoy them. This extraordinary reference brings together the very best research to provide the basic and advanced information necessary for scientists to understand these ecosystems - and for water resource managers and consultants to manage and protect them for future generations.

Students and research workers in aquatic biology and ecologyUniversity and Public Libraries Government and non-government agencies and consultancies responsible for exploiting and managing water resources


Published: January 2009

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-370626-3


  • * Provisional Contents include over 240 individual articles organized into the following broad sectionsIntroductory Overviews; Properties of waterHydrologic cycle: Surface and groundwater hydrology; Hydrologic balance (lakes, reservoirs, rivers; Lakes of the world (formation, diversity, distribution; Rivers of the world (formation, diversity, distribution; Light and heat in aquatic ecosystems; Hydrodynamics and mixing in rivers, reservoirs, and lakes; Inorganic chemicals: cycles and dynamics; Organic compounds: Cycles and dynamics; Biological integration among inland aquatic ecosystems; Bacteria and Fungi: planktonic and attached; Algae (incl. cyanobacteria): Types, phytoplankton, and eutrophication /remediation; Zooplankton; Invertebrates; Vertebrates; Air-water and land-water interface/wetland/littoral interactions; Pollution and remediation; Conservation and Management of Inland Aquatic; Ecosystems


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