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Encyclopedia of Human Behavior

The Encyclopedia of Human Behavior, Second Edition is an award-winning three-volume reference on human action and reaction, and the thoughts, feelings, and physiological functions behind those actions. Presented alphabetically by title, 300 articles probe both enduring and exciting new topics in physiological psychology, perception, personality, abnormal and clinical psychology, cognition and learning, social psychology, developmental psychology, language, and applied contexts.

Written by leading scientists in these disciplines, every article has been peer-reviewed to establish clarity, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. The most comprehensive reference source to provide both depth and breadth to the study of human behavior, the encyclopedia will again be a much-used reference source. This set appeals to public, corporate, university and college libraries, libraries in two-year colleges, and some secondary schools.

Carefully crafted, well written, and thoroughly indexed, the encyclopedia helps users-whether they are students just beginning formal study of the broad field or specialists in a branch of psychology-understand the field and how and why humans behave as we do.


Undergraduate and graduate students in psychology and the behavioral sciences, as well as researchers in various psychological subdisciplines and psychiatry; the encyclopedia is also useful for the lay public who may have an interest in topics related to human behavior.

Hardbound, 2518 Pages

Published: March 2012

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-375000-6


  • "The second edition of this reference work…has been thoroughly revised, expanded, and brought up to date. It deserves the highest praise…The clearly written entries offer readers succinct definitions and significant insights into each topic."--Choice, July 2013
    "With his simple, creative and innovative ideas, V.S. Ramachandran is changing how our brains think about our minds" - Thomas Insel, director of the National Institutes of Mental Health in TIME Magazine


  • Aging:Aging and the Brain

    Aging: Aging and Cognition

    Aging:Personality development and Aging

    Aging: Alzheimers Disease

    Aging: Gero-technology

    Aging: Grandparenthood

    Aging: Retirement

    Applied psych: Exercise and Sport Psychology

    Bio/physio: Behavioral Genetics

    Clinical: Alexithymia

    Clinical: Avoidant Personality disorder

    Clinical: Behavioral Analysis

    Clinical: Big Five Model and Personality Disorders

    Clinical: Bipolar Disorder

    Clinical: Childhood Mental Disorders

    Clinical: Crisis Management

    Clinical: Developmental psychopathology

    Clinical: Evidence-based practice

    Clinical: Generalised Anxiety Disorder

    Clinical: Gestalt Psychology

    Clinical: Hypochondriasis or Health anxiety

    Clinical: Interpersonal Psychotherapy

    Clinical: Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: Theory and Practice

    Clinical: Premenstrual Syndrome

    Clinical: Schizoid and Schizotypal Personality Disorder

    Clinical: Somatoform disorders

    Cognitive: Analogical Reasoning

    Cognitive: Animal Cognition

    Cognitive: Associative Learning

    Cognitive: Attention

    Cognitive: Behavioral Genetics of Intelligence

    Cognitive: Chunking

    Cognitive: Cognitive Bias

    Cognitive: Cognitive Disorders

    Cognitive: Cognitive Dissonance Theory

    Cognitive: OUR COGNITIVE MAP

    Cognitive: Creative and Imaginative Thinking

    Cognitive: Creativity

    Cognitive: Inductive and Deductive Reasoning

    Cognitive: Episodic Memory

    Cognitive: Implicit Memory

    Cognitive: Human Intelligence

    Cognitive: Intention

    Cognitive: Memory

    Cognitive: Memory, Neural Substrates

    Cognitive: Mental Imagery

    Cognitive: Planning

    Cognitive: Primate Cognition

    Cognitive: Problem Solving

    Cognitive: Psychophysics

    Cognitive: The Psychology of Reading

    Cognitive: Reasoning

    Cognitive: Savant Syndrome

    Cognitive: Self-regulatory skills and behavior change

    Cognitive: Semantic Memory

    Cognitive: Spatial Orientation

    Cognitive: Spatial Perception

    Cognitive: Subliminal Perception

    Cognitive: Touch

    Cognitive development: Language Development

    Cognitive neuropsych: Dyslexia

    Cognitive neuropsych: Inner Speech

    Cognitive neuroscience: Logic (Development of Logical Operations)

    Cognitive OR development: Perceptual Development

    Cognitive OR personality: Free Will

    Cognitive OR personality: Judgement

    Cognitive OR social OR neuro: Comparative Primate Psychology

    Developmental: Adolescence

    Developmental: Intellectual Disabilities

    Developmental: Moral Development

    Developmental: Parenting

    Developmental: Parent-offspring conflict

    Developmental: Peer Relationships and Influence in Childhood

    Developmental: Play

    Developmental: Social development (attachment, imprinting)

    Developmental: Socioemotional Development

    Developmental: Studying

    Education: Academic Achievement

    Emotions: Disgust

    Emotions: Embarrassment and Blushing

    Emotions: Expectation

    Emotions: Facial Expression of Emotion (Emotion and Cognition)

    Evolutionary: Sex Roles

    Evolutionary psych: Evolutionary Clinical Psychology

    Evolutionary psych: Evolutionary Developmental Psychology

    Evolutionary psych: Evolutionary Psychology

    Evolutionary psych: Evolutionary Personality Psychology

    Evolutionary psych: Evolutionary Social Psychology

    Experimental psych: Classical Conditioning

    Experimental psych: Learned Helplessness

    Experimental psych: Operant Conditioning

    Forensics: Forensic Psychology In Contemporary Society

    Forensics: Homicide

    Forensics: Jury Psychology

    Health and psychoneuroimmunology: AIDS and Sexual Behavior

    Health and psychoneuroimmunology: Behavioral Medicine

    Health and psychoneuroimmunology: Behavioral Pharmacology

    Health and psychoneuroimmunology: stress and blood pressure dysregulation

    Health and psychoneuroimmunology: Stress and Illness

    Industrial/organizational psych: Career Development

    Industrial/organizational psych: Negotiation

    Industrial/organizational psych: Organizational Behavior

    Industrial/organizational psych: Vocational Choice

    Industrial/organizational psych: Work Efficiency and Motivation

    Language: Bilingualism

    Language: Gestures

    Language: Nonverbal Communication

    Language: Phonetics

    Language: Reading and Phonological Processing

    Language: Sentence Processing

    Language: Sign Language

    Language: Syntax

    Language: Word Retrieval

    Neuro: Agnosia (including Prosopagnosia and Anosognosia)

    Neuro: Agraphia and Alexia

    Neuro: Amnesia

    Neuro: Amnesia and the Brain

    Neuro: Aphasia

    Neuro: Appetite

    Neuro: Aspergers and nonverbal learning disorder

    Neuro: Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders

    Neuro: Behavior Measurement in Psychobiological Research

    Neuro: Brain

    Neuro: Brain Chemicals

    Neuro: Brain and Behavior Relationships

    Neuro: Catecholamines and Behavior

    Neuro: Central Auditory Processing Disorders

    Neuro: Central Nervous System

    Neuro: Confabulation and Reality

    Neuro: Delusions

    Neuro: Neuroimaging of Dementia

    Neuro: Depth Perception

    Neuro: Drugs, the Brain, and Behavior

    Neuro: Event Related Potentials

    Neuro: Neuro-Executive Function

    Neuro: Eye Movements

    Neuro: Glial Cells

    Neuro: Hallucinations

    Neuro: Handedness

    Neuro: Hippocampal Formation

    Neuro: Homeostasis

    Neuro: Hormones and Behavior

    Neuro: The Mirror Mechanism

    Neuro: Molecular Genetics and Human Behaviour

    Neuro: Motor Control

    Neuro: Neuroethics

    Neuro: Neurotheology

    Neuro: Neuroesthetics

    Neuro: Neuro and treatment/techniques (TMS, ECT)

    Neuro: Neuro technologies (imaging, PET, SPECT, MRI, MEG)

    Neuro: Pain

    Neuro: Sense of Smell (Effect on Behavior)

    Neuro: Sense of Taste (Effect on Behavior)

    Neuro: Sense of Touch

    Neuro: Sleep Disorders

    Neuro: Sleep: Biological Rhythms and Performance

    Neuro: Synesthesia

    Neuro: Tickling

    Neuro: Visual Motion Perception

    Neuro: Visual Perception

    Neuro: Adrenal Glands

    Neuro: Mind-Body Problem

    Neuro: Near-Death Experiences

    Neuro: Empirical Challenges to Conventional Mind/Brain Theory

    Neuro: Electroencephalography

    Personality: Anger

    Personality: Attitude Change

    Personality: Attitude Formation

    Personality: Behavioral Genetics of Personality

    Personality: Birth Order, Effect on Personality and Behavior

    Personality: Body Image

    Personality: Bullying

    Personality: Cognition and personality

    Personality: Moral Emotions

    Personality: Perceived Control

    Personality: Dependent Personality (disorder)

    Personality: Empathy

    Personality: Extraversion-Introversion

    Personality: Genius, Eminence, and Giftedness

    Personality: Hope and Optimism

    Personality: Id, Ego, and Superego

    Personality: Motivation

    Personality: Personality Development

    Personality: Personality, Structure

    Personality: Pornography

    Personality: Positive psychology

    Personality: Preference Judgments

    Personality: Risk-Compensating Behavior

    Personality: Risk Taking Behavior (Young Male Syndrome)

    Personality: Self-Defeating Behaviors

    Personality: Self-Efficacy

    Personality: Self-Esteem

    Personality: Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

    Personality: Sensation Seeking

    Personality: Sexual Orientation

    Personality: Surprise

    Personality: Temperament and individual differences

    Personality: Uncertainty

    Personality/social: Individual Differences in Temperament

    Personality/social: Individualism

    Personality/social: Personality Assessment

    Psychopathology: Addictions and Adolescence

    Psychopathology: Agoraphobia and Panic Disorder

    Psychopathology: Antisocial and Narcissistic Personality Disorder

    Psychopathology: Anxiety and Fear

    Psychopathology: Anxiety Disorders

    Psychopathology: Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - Treatment and Assessment

    Psychopathology: Body Dysmorphic Disorder

    Psychopathology: Borderline Personality Disorder

    Psychopathology: Bulimia Nervosa

    Psychopathology: Child Abuse

    Psychopathology: Cognitive Behavior Therapy

    Psychopathology: Coping

    Psychopathology: Defense Mechanisms

    Psychopathology: Depression

    Psychopathology: Dissociative Disorders

    Psychopathology: Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specifided (EDNOS)

    Psychopathology: Grief and Bereavement

    Psychopathology: Histrionic Personality Disorder

    Psychopathology: Hypnosis

    Psychopathology: Clinical Psychology: An Information Processing Approach

    Psychopathology: Marital Dysfunction

    Psychopathology: Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior

    Psychopathology: Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder

    Psychopathology: Paranoia (and Paranoid Personality Disorder)

    Psychopathology: Personality Disorders (Overview)

    Psychopathology: Phobias

    Psychopathology: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

    Psychopathology: Psychopathology (assessment, diagnosis and classification)

    Psychopathology: Psychotherapy

    Psychopathology: Schizophrenia

    Psychopathology: Selective Mutism

    Psychopathology: Separation Anxiety

    Psychopathology: Social Anxiety Disorder

    Psychopathology: Suicide

    Social: Aggression

    Social: Alcohol; Psychosocial Effects

    Social: Altruism and Helping Behavior

    Social: Attribution

    Social: Autobiographical Remembering and the Self

    Social: Episodic and Semantic Systems of Autobiographical Memory

    Social: Behavioral Economics

    Social: Brainwashing and Totalitarian Influence

    Social: Caffeine; Psychosocial Effects

    Social: Competition


    Social: Conflict Communication

    Social: Consumer Psychology

    Social: Cross-Cultural Adaptation

    Social: Crowd Psychology

    Social: Crowding: Effects on Health and Behavior

    Social: Cultural Psychology

    Social: Decision Making, Individuals

    Social: Divorce

    Social: Ecological Psychology

    Social: Environmental Cognition

    Social: Environmental Psychology

    Social: Equity Theory

    Social: Eyewitness Identification

    Social: Human Factors

    Social: Family Systems

    Social: Friendship

    Social: Sex Differences

    Social: Group Dynamics

    Social: Human mating

    Social: Impression Formation

    Social: Internet behavior

    Social: Interpersonal Attraction and Personal Relationships

    Social: Interpersonal Perception and Communication

    Social: Jealousy

    Social: Kinship

    Social: Leadership

    Social: Leisure

    Social: Love and Intimacy

    Social: Mate Selection

    Social: Media influence on behavior

    Social: Meditation

    Social: Persuasion

    Social: Sexual Behavior

    Social: Prejudice, Discrimination and Stereotypes (Racial Bias)

    Social: Psychology and Religion

    Social: Self-Relaxation

    Social: Social Cognition

    Social: Social Comparison

    Social: Social Exchange

    Social: Social Loafing (and Facilitation)

    Social: Social Support

    Social: Social Values (influence on behavior)

    Social: Terrorism

    Social: Violence

    Social: War

    Social (applied psych): Military Psychology

    Social/personality: Obedience and Conformity

    TAM: Biofeedback

    TAM: Test Behavior

    TAM/psychopathology: Clinical Assessment

    History of Film and Music

    Visual Neglect

    Psychological Predictors of Heart Disease

    Psychology, Science and Astrology

    Subjective Culture


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