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Encyclopedia of Environmental Health, Five-Volume Set

Practitioners, researchers and public and private sector employees
Advanced undergraduate and post graduate students


Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-52273-3


  • "This set, weighing in at five volumes, attempts to embrace a multidisciplinary and splintered field.  The emphasis is on public health problems: description, detection, evaluation, control, and prevention.  This involves toxicology, waste management, water and air quality, pesticides, radiation, noise, and communicable diseases.  The 450 articles submitted by over 700 international contributors are alphabetically arranged by title. The articles are classified under 30 subject areas appearing at the beginning of each volume, and the set has an extensive 270-page index.  Articles range from 3,000 to over 10,000 words, and many include high-quality graphics and tables.  Each article starts with a list of abbreviations; some also have glossaries.  Similar articles are cross-reference….   Summing up:  Recommended."--CHOICE, December 2011, Vol. 49, No. 04


  • Built Environment and Mental HealthUrban environments and healthChildren's Environmental Health in Developing CountriesIssues and Challenges for determining environmental risk factors and causes of disease among childrenChildren's Exposure to Environmental Agents Children's Health Risk Assessment: Issues and ApproachesCritical Windows of Children's Development and Susceptibility to environmental toxinsDevelopmental ImmunotoxicantsEffect of Early Exposure on Reproductive OutcomesDevelopmental Programming and the EpigenomeEvidence for Endocrine Disruption in Children: Sensitive Developmental EndpointsEnvironmental Chemicals and Childhood CancerEnvironmental Factors in Children's Asthma and Respiratory EffectsEnvironmental Chemicals in Breast MilkChildren's environmental health: General overviewNeurodevelopmental ToxicantsPharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Considerations in Children's Human Health Risk AssessmentBiomarkers in Environmental CarcinogenesisCancer Risk Assessment and CommunicationEndocrine disrupting chemicals and human cancerEnvironmental Lung Cancer EpidemiologyEnvironmental Carcinogens and Regulation Environmental Tobacco Smoke and Cancer Occupational Cancer: Modern HistoryMechanisms of Environmental CarcinogenesisPolymorphism and Gene-Environment interactions in Environmental CancerGroundwater and Soil Pollution: BioremediationFate and transport of microbial contaminatesArsenic: Occurrence in groundwaterOn-site Wastewater TreatmentRemediation of aquatic post-industrial inorganic pollutantsCommunity Outdoor Air Quality: Sources, exposure agents and health outcomesAir Pollution EpisodesLong-range transport and deposition of air pollutionShort term effects of air pollution on healthAssessment of human exposure to air pollutionLong-term effects of Particulate air pollution on human healthMeasurement of Air PollutantsRespiratory and cardiovascular effects of NO2 in epidemiological studiesPM2.5 sources and their effects on human health in China: Case ReportSulfur oxides: Sources, exposures and health effectsToxic organic air pollutantsEnvironment, genetic and epigenetic alterations and pediatric central nervous system tumorsEpigenetic changes induced by environment and diet in cancerMalformations of Cortical Development and Epilepsy in Children Gene-environment interactions in human traitsGene-environment interactions in neurodegenerative diseasesStress Axis as the Locus of Gene-Environment Interactions in Major Depressive DisorderVulnerability to Parkinson's Disease: Towards an Unifying Theory of Disease EtiologyGenetics is involved in everything, but not everything is GeneticAcute radiation sickness from ChernobylImmunological effects of the Chernobyl accidentRadiation exposures due to the Chernobyl accidentThyroid cancer associated with the Chernobyl AccidentExposure guidelines and radon policyAn Overview on Health Effects of RadonIndoor Radon prevention and mitigationResidential radon levels around the worldRadon measurementCarcinogenicity of Disinfection ByProducts in Laboratory AnimalsCarcinogenicity of Disinfection ByProducts in Humans - Epidemiological StudiesComparative mammalian cell Cytotoxicity and GenotoxicityHuman Exposure Assessment for DBPs: Factors Influencing Blood Trihalomethane LevelsGenotoxicity of Disinfection By-products: Comparison to CarcinogenicityModeling Exposure to Disinfection ByProductsReproductive and Developmental effects of Exposure to disinfection byproducts in humansToxicokinetics of Disinfection By-ProductsExposure Modeling and Measurement - Exposure Factors Frequency and Timing of Environmental ExposureAssessing human exposure to environmental toxicantsModels of Human Exposure to Environmental ContaminantsExposure Reconstruction using Space-Time Information TechnologyExposure Science: Pharmacokinetic ModelingExposure Science - Contaminant MixturesFate and Transport - Geostatistics and Environmental ContaminantsExposure Science: Monitoring Environmental ContaminantsExposure Science: IngestionExposure Science: InhalationAir pollution and development of children's pulmonary functionEthics in pediatric environmental health researchLead and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity DisorderLead exposure and caries in childrenLead, delinquency and violencePrenatal exposure to Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)Prenatal Exposure to Industrial Chemicals and Pesticides and Effects on Neurodevelopment1976 Trichlorophenol Reactor Explosion at Seveso, ItalyConnecting environmental stress to cancer cell biology through the neuroendocrine responseCigarette Smoke, DNA Damage Repair, and Human HealthFunctional Genomics and Molecular Analysis of a Subtropical Harmful Algal Bloom Species, Karenia brevisEstrogenic Chemicals and Cardiovascular DiseaseGene-Environment Interactions and Childhood CancerDrosophila as a model for Toxicogenomics of LeadMineral and fuel extraction: Health consequencesVolcanic and geothermal processes: Health effectsHuman health and the state of the pedosphereInfectious processes and medical geologyPrinciples of Medical GeologyImpact of natural dusts on human healthToxicological pathways of relevance to medical geologyClimate change and healthLand use change and human healthOceans and human healthOverview of how ecosystem changes can affect human healthStratospheric OzoneVulnerable populations and regionsPolicy Responses to Climate ChangeEntomological Risks of Genetically Engineered CropsLabelling of genetically modified foodsGlobal energy sources and trendsMobile Source Related Air Pollution: Effects on Health and the EnvironmentNuclear energy and human healthPower generation and human healthBiological pathways between the social environment and healthDisabling environmentsGlobal development and population healthEconomic Inequality and Health in the Age of GlobalizationLife course epidemiology and inequality in healthNeighbourhood ?social infrastructure' for health - the role of social capital, fear of crime and area reputationPolitical and social violence; health effectsSense of coherence and social structureSocial capital and its links to healthSocial support and social networksCellular Stress Responses to DNA Damage: An intracellular balance between life, senescence, and deathClinical Consequences of Radiation Exposure Genome Effects and Mutational Risk of RadiationImpact of Mass Casualties Resulting from Radiation Exposure on Healthcare Systems Magnetic fields: Possible Environmental health effectsMicrowaves: Exposure and Potential Health Consequences Radio frequency electromagnetic fields: Health effectsIonizing Radiation Exposure: Psychological and Mental Health Aspects Risk of Radiation Exposure to Children and Their Mothers Risk to Populations Exposed from Atmospheric Testing and Those Residing Near Nuclear FacilitiesUltraviolet exposure: Health effectsNew Molecular Aspects of Ultraviolet-induced ImmunosuppressionUltraviolet - ocular effectsUltraviolet radiation protectionultraviolet radiation and the skinApplication of Healthy Life Year Measures to Environmental Health IssuesValuing the Health Impacts of Air EmissionsComposite Measures of the Environmental Burden of Disease at the Global LevelWHO-QOL Instrument and Environmental Health Assessment Understanding Environmental Quality Through Quality of Life (QOL) StudiesUrban environmental quality: perceptions and measuresUse of Years of Potential Life Lost (YPLL) for Risk Assessment at Hazardous Waste SitesBenefits and limitations of the precautionary principleNucleic Acids: Environmental Chemistry, Structures and Interactions as Revealed by Computational StudiesEnvironmental Epidemiology and Human Health - Biomarkers of Disease and Genetic Susceptibility.Nutrigenomics - A New Frontier in Environmental Health SciencesGenome-Based Drug DesignMetal-Induced Toxicologic Pathology : Human Exposure and Risk AssessmentObjectivity and ethics in environmental health scienceToxicoproteomic Applications to Environmental Health and DiseasesBiotechnology and Advances Environmental Health ResearchModulation of Human Mobile Elements and Genetic Instability by Environmental FactorsNoise and health - Annoyance and interferenceCardiovascular effects of NoiseEffects of low frequency noise and vibrations: Environmental and occupational perspectives Mental health effects of noiseSleep disturbance in adults by noiseSleep disturbance in children by noiseCommunity noise disease burden - DALYs may be the answer, but what is the question?Environmental noise Measuring noise for health impact assessmentCombined noise exposure at homeCombined Exposures to Noise and Chemicals at WorkNoise management - International regulationsNoise management - soundscape approachNoise and cognition in childrenAssessing Indoor Air QualityProductivity and Health Effects of High Indoor Air QualitySick Building SyndromePerceptions and Physiological Responses to Indoor Air QualityVentilationDrinking Water Distribution Systems: Their Role in Reducing Risks and Protecting Public HealthDistribution of Water: Developing CountriesDisinfection By-Products: Formation and Occurrence of Drinking Water Water-related Diseases in the Developing WorldEssential nature of water for health, water as part of the dietary intake for nutrients and the role of water in hygieneEmpirical models to predict disinfection by-products (DBPs) in drinking waterMicrobes and Water Quality in Developed CountriesIntegrated management of source water quantity and quality for human health in a changing worldWorldwide regulatory strategies and policies for drinking waterCardiotoxicologyMechanisms of immune modulation by xenobioticsLiver toxicologyChemically-Induced Respiratory ToxicitiesNeurotoxicologyPancreatic toxicologyDevelopmental and Reproductive Toxicity of TCDD, Lead and MercurySplenic toxicologyOptimal pollution: the welfare economic approach to correct market failuresGeneral introduction to valuation of human health risksGlobal Burden of Disease (GBD) approach and the use of Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALY) at the World Health Organization (WHO)Monetary valuation of greenhouse gasesEnvironmental and health costs in the European Union: Policy-makingMonetary valuation of trace pollutantsValuation of children's health impactsAir transportation and human healthItai-itai diseaseMinamata diseaseEnvironmental Health Issues for RailroadsShipping and maritime transportAutomobile exhaust: Detrimental effects on pulmonary and extrapulmonary tissues and offspringHealth issues of travellersUrban transportation and human healthUrban Health: An OverviewPhysical urban environmentUrban Social EnvironmentSri Lanka: Acute poisoning by pesticides in the countryAir pollution and lung cancer risksDiabetes Mellitus in Albania: A two fold increase in the last decadeAlgal particles in the atmosphereCyanobacterial Toxins in Fresh WatersBioavailable Aluminum: Its Metabolism and Effects on the EnvironmentAntibiotics Pollution in Soil and Water: Potential Ecological and Human Health Issues Aquaculture Effluent: Impacts and Remedies for Protecting the Environment and Human HealthAral Sea: An Ecological Disaster Zone with Impact on Human HealthLeishmaniasis and environment in Argentina: an eco-epidemiological approachArsenic exposure from seafood consumptionArsenic in groundwater of IndiaArsenic Pollution of Groundwater in BangladeshAsbestos exposure and autoimmune diseaseHousing-related health Hazards: Assessment and RemediationAvian influenza viruses: Environmental influenceBahama Archipelago: Environment and healthBeryllium: Environmental geochemistry and health effectsBhopal Gas Catastrophe 1984: Causes and consequencesBioaccessibility of trace metals in household dustBioaerosols in apartment buildingsEcosystem changes, biodiversity loss and human well-beingBiological Agents and Infectious Diseases in War and TerrorismBiomarkers in Population Studies: environmental mutagenesis and risk for cancerBiomass smoke and infection: mechanisms of interactionResidential and non-residential biomass combustion: impacts on air qualityHair for biomonitoring of environmental exposures Toenails for Biomonitoring of Environmental Exposures Biosolids: human health impactsEnvironmental Health and BioterrorismBismuth: Environmental pollution and health effectsBolivia: Mining, River Contamination, and Human HealthBoron: Environmental Exposure and Human HealthCadmium Exposure in the Environment: Renal Effects and the Benchmark DoseCadmium exposure from seafood intakeCadmium neurotoxicityMexican epidemiological paradox: A developing country with a burden of " richness" diseasesChagas Disease: Environmental risk factorsChemical warfare agentsEnvironmental Health Ethics in Study of ChildrenCholera: Environmental risk factorsChromium: Environmental pollution, health effects and mode of actionVolcanogenic contaminants: Chronic exposureClinical waste management Colombia: Environmental Health IssuesPhysical and social environmental influences on asthma and asthma disparitiesGlobal life cycle impacts of consumer productsGreenland: Contaminants and dietary factors in health of the countrySustainable management of agricultural systems: physical and biological aspects of soil healthCryptosporidiosis: An updateCumulative environmental riskDDT and reproductive healthDesertificationDioxinsSpain: Natural Hazards in the CountryMethodologies for Assessing Bioaerosol ExposuresEconomic Analysis of Health Impacts in Developing CountriesChina: Economic impacts of air pollution in the countryEcosystems servicesFluoride in drinking water: Effect on liver and kidney functionCooking: Effects on Dietary Exposure to Arsenic from Rice and VegetablesPersistent organohalogen pollutants and phthalates: effects on male reproductive functionElectromagnetic fields: Environmental exposure Industrial Livestock Production Facilities: Airborne EmissionsEnvironment and Health of Rural WomenNeighborhood Environment, Physical Activity and ObesityAdvances in analytical methods for the determination of pharmaceutical residues in waters and wastewatersShooting ranges: Environmental contaminationBenzene: Environmental exposure Manganese: Environmental exposureEnvironmental factors in obesityClimate change, environmental health, and human rightsAntarctic: Persistent Organic Pollutants and Environmental health in the region Environmental Health Practice - Environmental MedicineEnvironmental Health TrackingEnvironmental Pollution and human health in ancient timesLead exposure and female infertilityAsthma: Environmental risk factors Legionnaire's Disease: Environmental risk factorsMaternal and child health disparities: Environmental contributionEnvironmental specimen bank for human tissuesEnvironmental Tobacco Smoke and Health Risk AssessmentWater Consumption and Implications for Exposure AssessmentCockroach allergens: Exposure risk and health effects DDT: Health effectsDepleted uranium: Exposure and possible health effectsPharmaceuticals in drinking waterMercury in fish: Human health risksMethods for estimating exposure to metals in drinking waterExtreme temperatures and mortalityFertilizersFloriculture FluorosisDust Production Following Forest Disturbances: Health risksGallium: Environmental pollution and health effectsGender and disastersGender differences in cancer incidenceGermanium: Environmental pollution and health effectsGhana: Environmental health issuesUrban planning, the natural environment, and public healthGenetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) Gold and amalgams: Environmental pollution and health effectsHantavirusNatural Health Products (NHPs)Dioxins: Health effectsMining activities: Health impactsSolid waste incinerators: Health impactsAmbient concentrations of acrolein: Health risksHeat wave and mortality of the elderlyHeterotrophic bacteria in bottled waterHong Kong: Particulate Air Pollution and Health Impacts How Hormesis Will Change the Risk Assessment ProcessHydrogen sulfide: Integrative Analysis of Acute Toxicity Data for Estimating Human Health Risk Immune response to environmental exposureCadmium and the welfare of animalsIndonesia: Threats to the country's biodiversityNeighborhoods and Birth OutcomesInfectious/Medical//Hospital Waste: General CharacteristicsInhaled woodsmokeInsect Repellents: Assessment of Health RisksEnvironmental Justice and Interventions to Prevent Environmental Injustice in the United StatesIrrigation Strategies for Sustainable Environmental and Influence on Human HealthJamaica: Heavy metals in the natural and anthropic environmentsJordan: Environmental Status of Water, Soil and AirMalaria, bilharzia and geo-helminth transmission in Kenya: Environmental determinants.Kuwait - Before and after the Gulf WarInternational Environmental Agreements and Environmental HealthLand Quality: Environmental and Human Health EffectsLand disposal of wastesLebanon: Health Valuation of Water Pollution at the Upper Litani River BasinThe LeishmaniasesGlobalization and Environmental HealthGlobal Climate Changes and International Trade and Travel: Effects on Human Health OutcomesHuman Health Link to Invasive SpeciesIntercontinental Air Pollution Transport: Links to environmental healthLithium: Environmental pollution and health effectsREACH and Human Health in LithuaniaMagnesium and Calcium in Drinking Water and Heart DiseasesMalaysia: Environmental health issuesManganese: Environmental Pollution and Health EffectsMedical AnthropologyDental amalgam fillings: a source of mercury exposureMicrobial risks associated with biogas and biodigestor sludgeMolybdenum in the Environment and its Relevance for Animal and Human HealthMozambique: environment and health in one of the world's poorest nationsLandslides: Human health effectsMutagenicity of PM2.5Nanotechnology: Human Safety Issues, Research Gaps and Potential Beneficial OpportunitiesNanomaterials: Potential Ecological Uses and EffectsNeighborhoods and environmental determinants of infectious diseasesEffects of neighbourhood environment on social and physical functioning in older ageNigeria: Environmental Health ConcernsDrinking Water Nitrate and HealthNitrate and nitrite in drinking water: A toxicological reviewRadiological and Depleted Uranium Weapons: Environmental and Health ConsequencesGiardia and Cryptosporidium: Occurrence in water suppliesTrade, Trade Agreements and the EnvironmentOil and chemical spillsOil spillsOrganophosphate insecticides: neurodevelopmental effectsElectronic waste and Human HealthManagement and Export of Wastes: Human Health ImplicationsChallenges in Pesticide Risk CommunicationPalladium: Exposure, Uses and Human Health EffectsIndoor air pollution attributed to solid fuel use for heating and cooking and cancer riskPCBsPerchlorate: Origin and Occurrence in Drinking WaterPerchlorate: Human toxicityPersonal Care Products and Breast CancerPesticide exposure and diabetesPesticide exposure and human cancerPesticides and Thyroid HormonesPesticide poisoning in BrazilPesticides: Human Health Effects Pets as sentinels of human exposurePhysiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modeling and risk assessmentPlatinum: Environmental pollution and health effectsPlutonium: Environmental pollution and health effectsOrganochlorines and the effect on female reproductive systemPsychobiological factors in environmental healthPhthalates: Human exposurePyrethroidsUranium: Toxicity to renal cells and osteoblastsPlants as a tool for the environmental health assessmentRecreational exposure to cyanobacteriaRenal and Neurological Effects Heavy Metals in the EnvironmentMercury toxicityCancer risks from residential exposure to pesticidesFood Safety and Risk AnalysisRisk Management in Environmental Health DecisionRoad traffic injuriesSARSCyanotoxins in Egypt and Saudi ArabiaForest transition and zoonoses riskEcohealth: Health impacts of floodsSierra Leone: Environmental health ConcernsNano Silver: Environmental Health EffectsSingapore: Exposure to Persistent Organic Pollutants and Human Health RisksSoil quality criteria for environmental pollutantsSpatial mapping and environmental risk identificationStrontium in the environment and possible human health effectsTaiwan: Environmental health concernsTake-home route of pesticide exposureThallium: Environ pollution and health effectsThermal StressTin: Environmental pollution and healthNanoscale titanium dioxide: Environmental health and ecotoxicological effectsTungsten: Environ pollution and health effectsTunisia: Salinization and Sustainability of AgricultureUganda: Environmental Health concernsUN Convention to combat DesertificationBiodiversity and the Loss of Biodiversity effecting Human HealthUN Convention on Wetlands (RAMSAR): Implications for Human HealthEnvironmental Justice: an international perspectiveUranium: Environ pollution and health effectsAnimal and human waste as components of urban dust pollution: Health implicationsUruguay: Environmental conditions in the coast of Montevideo: historical aspects, present status and perspectives of habitat degradation and usesVanadium: Environmental pollution and health effectsVector borne disease and climate changeVehicular exhaustsVolcanoes and human healthWater hardness and risk of death from coronary heart diseaseWaterborne disease surveillanceWeather, pollen concentrations and allergic rhinitisWest Nile virusZinc deficiency in human healthZinc toxicity in humansParasite ZoonosesOxidation-antioxidation-reduction processes in the cell: Impacts of environmental pollutionDiverse Options for Diverse Environmental Health Engineering Needs: Rationale, Technologies and PracticesSmall Scale Industries and Informal Sector Activity Premises: Environmental and occupational health issuesPhysical Infrastructure Service and Environmental Health Deficiencies in Urban and Peri-urban AreasPrioritizing Community Environmental and Health Needs: Novel Approaches and MethodsPerfluorinated substancesEnvironmental justice - Social disparities in environmental exposures and health. OverviewSocial Environment: OverviewTuberculosisSchistosomiasisEpidemiology of Infectious DiarrheaShigellosisChronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseLandscape Epidemiology of Human Onchocerciasis in Southern VenezuelaAir Pollution from Solid fuelsSolid fuel: Health effectsFluorine - human health risksMycotoxins in foodsMycotoxins: Natural food chain contaminants and human healthTransportation and Health: The Impact of CommutingEnvironmental Justice: An OverviewIodine in the EnvironmentRespiratory effects of chlorination productsIndoor Air Pollution: Unusual sourcesAssessing Regulatory Costs and BenefitsFirst Do No Harm: An Environmental Health ContextPharmaceuticals: Environmental effects Bioavailable Aluminum: Its Effects on Human HealthSolid Fuel Use: Health EffectHousehold Energy Solutions in Developing CountriesDiet as a healthy and cost-effective instrument in environmental protectionRetrospective dosimetry and dose reconstruction of ionizing radiationMercury in airErionite and its Health EffectsRespiratory Effects of Short Term Peak Exposures to Sulfur DioxideClimate change and health: Risks and adaptive strategiesSubstandard housing: The social dimension of environmental healthCarbon Sequestration and AgricultureLyme DiseaseMalaria as an Environmental DiseaseOil industry and the health of communities in the Niger delta of Nigeria


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