Encyclopedia of Environmental Control Technology: Volume 8: book cover

Encyclopedia of Environmental Control Technology: Volume 8:

Work Area Hazards

This volume deals with a host of occupational hazards ranging from air quality to toxic chemical spills and medical waste management. Detection and prevention of workplace dangers, safety audits, and personal protective equipment are covered.

Hardbound, 804 Pages

Published: February 1995

Imprint: Gulf Professional Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-87201-304-9


  • The authors are overwhelmingly well-known in their respective fields and speak with the voice of experience. These volumes are recommended as a library reference. (Environment International)


  • Contributors to this Volume


    1. Workplace Hazards

    2. Perception of Risk: Why the Disparity?

    3. Indoor Air Quality Overview

    4. Ventilating Indoor Air Pollution Sources

    5. Ventilating Indoor Air Pollution as it Pertains to Hospitals

    6. Indoor Air Quality Audits

    7. OSHA and OSHA Regulations

    8. Workplace Emergencies

    9. Health and Safety Audits for Industrial Facilities

    10. Chemical Hygiene and Safety

    11. Personal Sampling for Air Contaminants

    12. Detector Tubes and Pumps

    13. Personal Protection Equipment

    14. Air Pollution in Confined Spaces

    15. Noise Measurement

    16. Underground Storage Tanks

    17. Sampling Airborne Isocyanates

    18. Organophosphate Poisoning: A Clinical Perspective

    19. Heavy Metal Pollution in the Biosphere; Bioindicators and Biomonitoring of Heavy Metals

    20. Air Pollution Problems at Remediation Sites

    21. Heat Stress

    22. Transportation of Hazardous Materials

    23. Radon in Homes-Health Effects, Measurement and Control

    24. Industrial Odors-Problems and Control

    25. Effects of Acid Deposition on Vegetation

    26. Occupational Safety and Health in Thailand

    27. Pulmonary Function in Workers Exposed to Diesel Exhaust

    28. Biomonitoring of Human Populations Exposed to Pesticides

    29. Medical Waste Management

    30. Instrumentation for Remote Water Quality Monitoring



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