Encyclopedia of Environmental Control Technology: Volume 5:

Waste Minimization and Recycling


  • Paul Cheremisinoff, The late Paul N. Cheremisinoff, P.E., was a professor of civil and environmental engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Professor Cheremisinoff had more than 40 years of experience in research, design, and consulting for a wide range of government and industrial organizations. He was author and co-author of numerous papers and books on energy, resources, and the environment, and was a licensed professional engineer. He was a member of Sigma Xi and Tau Beta Pi, and a Diplomate of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers.

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Book information

  • Published: November 1992
  • ISBN: 978-0-87201-258-5


Engineers, planners, government officials, executives, and attorneys interested in waste minimization and recycling and its impact on the environment should find Volume 5 helpful in identifying options available for addressing specific pollution problems. (Applied Mechanics Reviews)