Encyclopedia of Dairy Sciences, Four-Volume Set book cover

Encyclopedia of Dairy Sciences, Four-Volume Set

The Encyclopedia of Dairy Sciences is a complete resource for researchers, students and practitioners involved in all aspects of dairy science and related food science and technology areas. Extensively cross-referenced, it covers the core theories, methods, and techniques employed by dairy scientists. It enables readers to access basic information on topics peripheral to their own areas, provides a repository of the core information in the area that can be used to refresh the researcher's own memory, and aids teachers in directing students to areas relevant to their course work.The Encyclopedia contains information that has been distilled, organized and presented as a complete reference tool to the user. This four-volume set includes over 400 articles covering all aspects of dairy science. Included are numerous figures and tables illustrating the text as well as a color plate section in each volume. The inclusion of "Further Reading" lists at the end of each article provide easy access to further information and a guide into the primary literature.

Academic researchers in laboratories; researchers and managers working in industry; students studying applied dairy science or related subjects; those involved in economic and nutritional policy agencies; and the media.


Published: October 2002

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-227235-6


  • "...a worthy endevor and a worthwhile addition to any collection serving dairy and food science students, teachers, researchers and/or practitioners. Highly recommended." -Anita Ezzo, Food Science and Technology Librarian, Michigan State University Library (2004) "The supportive disciplines that collectively contribute to the diary sciences along with a robust emphasis on public health topics give the editors’ purpose greater depth and breadth...The Encyclopedia of Diary Sciences is a subject-specific reference work, which is suitable for academic and professional libraries supporting dairying, dairy farming, and related disciplines." -AMERICAN REFERENCE BOOKS (2004) "...a worthy endeavor and a worthwhile addition to any collection serving dairy and food science students, teachers, researchers and/or practitioners. Highly recommended." -E-STREAMS (October 2003) "...an interesting and extremely informative set of volumes, suitable for everyone wishing to consolidate, improve and update their knowledge in any area of dairy science." -CARBOHYDRATE POLYMERS (November 2003) "...academically and physically, an impressive work, covering a very wide range of topics extending beyond milk...cover all of the important aspects of microbiology, the coverage is comprehensive, up-to-date and of a depth at least sufficient to answer a query or to provide a solid foundation for more specific search. Standards of writing and editing are high and a high level of coherence is achieved despite the presentation of data as discrete topics." -MICROBIOLOGY TODAY (August 2003) "...forms an excellent resource of value to many different people in many different situations." -MICROBIOLOGY TODAY (August 2003) "...this Encyclopedia represents a comprehensive composition of the dairy sciences... will be an excellent resource for research and teaching in this field." —Pierpaolo Resmini, DISTAM "The articles are well written...clear and easy to understand...have been prepared and edited with care. They are concise, but at the same time adequately present sufficient information to cover the subject. ...The Encyclopedia will be an important contribution to the body of knowledge related to dairy and food science. ...The Encyclopedia will be of as much use as a source of readily available general knowledge for persons who are practitioners, tecnicians, and leaders in agricultural pursuits related to dairying." —Earl M. Kesler, Pennsylvania State University "I would regard this encyclopedia as essential for the libraries of tertiary teaching institutions including food science in their curricula. It should also be available at research institutes and dairy companies." —Peter J. Jooste, Animal Nutrition and Animal Products Institute, South Africa "...seems destined to become an essential reference source for dairy scientists in research, education and general technical roles." —W.J. Donnelly, Dairy Products Research Centre, Ireland


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