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Encyclopedia of Consciousness

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Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-373864-6


  • Aesthetics and the Experience of BeautyAltered and Higher States of ConsciousnessAnimal ConsciousnessArtificial Intelligence and ConsciousnessAttention, Awareness, and NeglectAttention: Change Blindness, Inattentional BlindnessAttention: Selective Attention and ConsciousnessAutobiographical Memory and ConsciousnessAutomaticity and ConsciousnessBehaviorism in Science and PhilosophyBistable Perception and ConsciousnessBlindsightBrain Basis of Voluntary ControlBrain: Integration, Specialization, and AwarenessBrain: Prefrontal Cortex and AwarenessBrain: Subcortical Pathways and ConsciousnessComa, Persistent Vegetative States, Diminished ConsciousnessConcepts and Definitions of ConsciousnessConsciousness and Experienced EffortConsciousness and Visual IllusionsConsciousness of Space and Motor ControlCultural Milieu, History, and Intuitive (Folk) Theories of ConsciousnessDevelopment: Consciousness From Birth to AdulthoodDevelopment: The Role of Social Relations, Cultural Assumptions, Theory of MindEmotion and ConsciousnessEthical Implications: Pain, Coma, and Treatment of Other SpeciesEvolution of Consciousness (How Consciousness Evolved as a Tool of Survival)Expectancy, Placebos and Self-DeceptionExperimental Frameworks for Studying the Neural Basis of ConsciousnessFree WillFringe and Partial ConsciousnessFunction(s) of ConsciousnessGeneral AnesthesiaHabit, Action, and ConsciousnessHistory of Philosophical Theories of ConsciousnessHistory of the Scientific Study of ConsciousnessHypnosis and SuggestibilityImplicit Processes in Social PsychologyInner Speech and ConsciousnessIntentionality and ConsciousnessIntuition, Creativity, and Unconscious Problem SolvingLanguage and ConsciousnessMemory: Amnesia and AwarenessMemory: Control of MemoryMemory: Errors, Constructive Processes, and Conscious RetrievalMemory: Implicit Learning and Implicit MemoryMemory: Perceptual and Immediate MemoryMemory: Procedural Memory, Skill, Perceptual-Motor Learning and AwarenessMental Representation and ConsciousnessMeta-awarenessMind Wandering and Other Lapses of AttentionMind-Body ProblemNeural Basis of Perceptual Awareness in HumansNeurobiological Theories of ConsciousnessNeurochemical Basis of ConsciousnessPerception, Action and ConsciousnessPerception: Implicit, Subliminal Perception: the Coherence of Perception; Binding and Other ProcessesPerception: Unconscious Influences on Perceptual InterpretationVisual Experience and Immediate MemoryPhenomenology of ConsciousnessPhylogeny and Evolution of Brain Structures and ConsciousnessPsychoactive Drugs and Conscious AlterationPsychodynamic Theories of Unconscious ActivityPsychopathology and ConsciousnessReligious Experience: Psychology and NeurologySelf: Body Awareness and ConsciousnessSelf: Personal IdentitySelf: the Unity of Self, Self-ConsistencySelf-Awareness and IntrospectionSleep: Dreaming and ConsciousnessSleep: Dreaming Data and TheoriesSocial Foundations of ConsciousnessSocial Neuroscience of GroupsSubjectivity; First- and Third-Person AnalysisTheories of Consciousness: CognitiveTheory of Mind (Neural Basis)Time and ConsciousnessUnconscious CognitionUnconscious EmotionUnconscious Goals and MotivationVisual Imagery and ConsciousnessVolition and Voluntary ControlWilliam James and Consciousness*Contents are tentative and subject to change prior to publication


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