Emergency Nursing Secrets book cover

Emergency Nursing Secrets

Part of the nursing Secrets Series®, Emergency Nursing Secrets, 2nd Edition is written in a question-and-answer format, providing concise information in an easy-to-use layout. This comprehensive resource is designed for both new and experienced emergency nurses and provides a wealth of helpful "pearls" or "secrets" of practice. Logically organized for quick access to key information, this book is divided into four main sections: Practice Topics, Chief Complaints, Trauma Care, and Special Populations.

Paperback, 544 Pages

Published: August 2006

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-04032-7


  • I. Practice Topics

    1. Triage

    2. Emergency Preparedness

    3. Pain Management

    4. Death and Dying

    5. Self Care for Caregiver

    6. Keeping Safe

    7. Case Management

    8. Risk Management

    II. Chief Complaints

    9. Resuscitation Issues NEW!

    10. Headache

    11. Seizures

    12. Stroke

    13. Eye Problems

    14. Chest Pain

    15. Respiratory Distress

    16. Abdominal Pain

    17. Environmental Emergencies

    18. Ingestions and Poisonings

    19. Psychiatric Emergencies

    20. Endocrine Emergencies NEW!

    21. Hematologic Emergencies NEW!

    22. Non-Urgent Problems

    III. Trauma Care

    23. Mechanism of Injury

    24. Shock

    25. Head and Face Trauma

    26. Thoracic and Neck Trauma

    27. Abdominal Trauma

    28. Spinal Cord and Vertebral Trauma

    29. Musculoskeletal Trauma

    30. Burns

    31. Trauma During Pregnancy

    32. Pediatric Trauma

    33. Psychosocial Aspects of Trauma

    IV. Special Populations

    34. Pregnant Women

    35. Seniors

    36. Infants and Children

    37. Underserved Patients

    38. Abused and Neglected Patients

    39. Drug and Alcohol Impaired Patients NEW!


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