Emergency Medicine Handbook book cover

Emergency Medicine Handbook

Critical Concepts for Clinical Practice

Emergency Medicine Handbook: Critical Concepts for Clinical Practice provides essential information and practical advice for use in the emergency department. The book covers the general approach to patients with various medical complaints, tables of differential diagnoses, and brief discussions of the most common disease processes—all in an easy-to-read, bulleted format. Essential information for use in the busy ED.

Paperback, 1456 Pages

Published: December 2006

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-03729-7


  • Section I: Emergency Department Orientation (For Students, Interns, and Rotating Residents)
    Section II: Life-Threatening Emergencies
    Section III: Trauma
    Section IV: Problem-Solving Common Medical Complaints
    Section V: Specialized Emergency Medicine
    Section VI: Pediatrics
    Section VII: Special Topics
    Section VIII: Appendix


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