Emergency Care for Hazardous Materials Exposure - Revised Reprint book cover

Emergency Care for Hazardous Materials Exposure - Revised Reprint

This Revised Third Edition is now updated to reflect the 2005 emergency cardiac care guidelines. The need for hazardous materials emergency response has grown with the increased use of chemicals and the threat of terrorism. Designed for both the EMS field provider and first receivers in the hospital setting, this important resource provides field recognition and management guidelines for hazardous materials exposures and associated medical emergencies, including emergency care of exposed and contaminated patients. The 3rd edition has been expanded to provide responders with the information necessary to identify the scene of a terrorist act involving the use of hazardous materials, as well as triage procedures for chemical exposure and the management of a mass casualty incident.

Paperback, 896 Pages

Published: November 2006

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-04877-4


  • Section 1: Indexes

    Section 2: Guidelines

    Section 3: Treatment Protocols

    Section 4: Drug Protocols

    Section 5: EMS/Hazardous Materials Operating Procedures

    Section 6: References

    Abbreviations and Acronyms


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