Electric Motors and Drives

Fundamentals, Types and Applications


  • Austin Hughes, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Leeds, UK

Electric Motors and Drives is intended for non-specialist users of electric motors and drives, filling the gap between maths- and theory-based academic textbooks and the more prosaic 'handbooks', which provide useful detail but little opportunity for the development of real insight and understanding. The book explores all of the widely-used modern types of motor and drive, including conventional and brushless D.C., induction motors and servo drives, providing readers with the knowledge to select the right technology for a given job.The third edition includes additional diagrams and worked examples throughout. New topics include digital interfacing and control of drives, direct torque control of induction motors and current-fed operation in DC drives. The material on brushless servomotors has also been expanded.Austin Hughes' approach, using a minimum of maths, has established Electric Motors and Drives as a leading guide for electrical engineers and mechanical engineers, and the key to a complex subject for a wider readership, including technicians, managers and students.
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Professional/student Electrical engineeringElectrical and mechanical engineers and technicians requiring a working knowledge of motors and drives (but not a mathematical or academic level of knowledge)Students of electrical and mechanical engineering seeking an accessible introduction


Book information

  • Published: April 2013
  • Imprint: NEWNES
  • ISBN: 978-0-08-098332-5


β€œThis book is very readable, up-to-date and should be extremely useful to both users and o.e.m. designers. I unhesitatingly recommend it to any busy engineer who needs to make informed judgments about selecting the right drive system.” β€” Drives and Controls β€œA very useful reference book for anyone wanting a comprehensive understanding of motors and drives ... I have not seen another book which covers this wide subject more comprehensively and in such an easy-to-read style.” β€” Silicon Chip, May 2006 β€œI would regard this book as a light but broad coverage of many motor and drive concepts that have been around a long time.” β€” Dennis Feucht, Innovatia.com β€œThe coverage of drive types and behaviors is thorough and up to date.” β€” Electrical Apparatus, May 2006

Table of Contents

Electric motors; Power electronic converters for motor drives; Conventional DC motors; DC motor drives; Induction motors - rotating field, slip and torque; Operating characteristics of induction motors; Inverter-fed induction motor drives; Stepping motor systems; Synchronous, switched reluctance and brushless DC Drives; Motor/drive selection; Index