Effective Prototyping with Excel book cover

Effective Prototyping with Excel

A practical handbook for developers and designers

Although recognized as a key to the design process, prototyping often falls victim to budget cuts, deadlines, or lack of access to sophisticated tools. This can lead to sloppy and ineffective prototypes or the abandonment of them altogether. Rather than lose this important step, people are turning to Microsoft Excel® to create effective, simple, and inexpensive prototypes. Conveniently, the software is available to nearly everyone, and most are proficient in its basic functionality. Effective Prototyping with Excel offers how-to guidance on how everyone can use basic Excel skills to create prototypes – ranging from narrative wire frames to hi-fidelity prototypes. A wide array of software design problems and business demands are solved via practical step-by-step examples and illustrations.

Usability professionals and interaction designers; software developers, web application designers, web designers, information architects, information and industrial designers.

Paperback, 240 Pages

Published: January 2009

Imprint: Morgan Kaufmann

ISBN: 978-0-12-088582-4


  • “Collaboration across marketing, design, engineering, and QA organizations is key to the successful creation of a new software product. The Excel prototyping method is the only approach I am familiar with that allows all these stakeholders the same platform for communication without having to learn lots of new tools.” - Daniel Rosenberg, Senior Vice President, SAP User Experience "It is always a challenge to find good tools for interactive rapid prototyping. The authors have created an excellent methodology that allows both novice and advanced user experience professionals to use their knowledge of common desktop tools to quickly illustrate and test their ideas for interactive products." - Jeremy Ashley, Vice President, Applications User Experience, Oracle


  • Chapter 1 – Preface – A Developer’s DilemmaChapter 2 – Getting Started – Your First Excel PrototypeChapter 3 – Basics – The Excel Prototyping CanvasChapter 4 – Creating an Excel Prototyping TemplateChapter 5 – Excel Prototyping - StoryboardsChapter 6 – WireframesChapter 7 – Digital Interactive PrototypesChapter 8 – Iterating Prototypes with ExcelChapter 9 – Communicating Your Design in ExcelChapter 10 – Sharing Your Excel PrototypeAppendix A – Useful Techniques with ExcelAppendix B - Nevin Discovers Excel as a Rapid Prototyping Tool


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