Effective Physical Security


  • Lawrence Fennelly, Litigation Consultants Inc., security expert witness and consultant.

Effective Physical Security, Fourth Edition is a best-practices compendium that details the essential elements to physical security protection. The book contains completely updated sections that have been carefully selected from the authors’ work that set the standard: Handbook of Loss Prevention and Crime Prevention, Fifth Edition.

Designed for easy reference, Effective Physical Security contains important coverage of environmental design, security surveys, locks, lighting, and CCTV as well as new chapters covering the latest in the ISO standards for Risk Assessment and Risk Management, physical security planning, network systems infrastructure, and environmental design. This new edition continues to serve as a valuable reference for experienced security practitioners as well as students in undergraduate and graduate security programs.

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Book information

  • Published: October 2012
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-415892-4

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Influence of Physical Design, NCPI; Chapter 2 Risk Assessment by Geoff Craighead CPPChapter 3 Designing Security and working with the Architect Chapter 4 Security Survey and The Audit, Chapter 5 Dealing with Internal Theft Controls Chapter 6 Approaches to Physical SecurityChapter 7 Physical Barriers & BarriersChapter 8 The use of locks in Physical Crime PreventionChapter 9 Safes, Vaults and AccessoriesChapter 10 Security Lighting, Interior and Exterior ApplicationChapter 11 Alarms: Intrusion & Fire Alarm SystemsChapter 12 CCTV Surveillance, Chapter 13 BiometricsChapter 14 Access Control & BadgesChapter 15 Security FencesChapter 16 Fire ClassificationsChapter 17 Bomb Threat and Physical Security Planning (NEW) Chapter 18 Security of Networked Systems (NEW) Chapter 19 Making Defensible Crime/Loss Prevention Using the New ISO Standards for Risk Assessment & Risk Management (NEW) Chapter 20 Security for Networked Systems Infrastructure (NEW) Chapter 21 Security Officers in the 21st Century,Chapter 22 Management of Bomb IncidentsChapter 23 Information Security for Practitioners (NEW)Chapter 24 CPTED and Physical Security (NEW)