Effective Physical Security book cover

Effective Physical Security

The fourth edition of Effective Physical Security, written by specialists in the security field, delivers a wealth of practical information on the process of securing a facility. New to this edition are chapters on:

  • ISO Standards for Risk Assessment & Risk Management
  • Information Security for Practitioners
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • Bomb Threat and Physical Security Planning

Chapters in this edition have been broken down into specific topics, e.g. biometrics,  access control cards, alarms, lighting, CCTV, etc. New and updated CPP & PSP study review material has also been added to make this book required reading for ASIS Physical Security Professional (PSP)™ certification and recommended reading for the ASIS CRISP certification.

Paperback, 384 Pages

Published: October 2012

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-12-415892-4


  • Chapter 1 The Influence of Physical Design, NCPI;

    Chapter 2 Risk Assessment by Geoff Craighead CPP

    Chapter 3 Designing Security and working with the Architect

    Chapter 4 Security Survey and The Audit,

    Chapter 5 Dealing with Internal Theft Controls

    Chapter 6 Approaches to Physical Security

    Chapter 7 Physical Barriers & Barriers

    Chapter 8 The use of locks in Physical Crime Prevention

    Chapter 9 Safes, Vaults and Accessories

    Chapter 10 Security Lighting, Interior and Exterior Application

    Chapter 11 Alarms: Intrusion & Fire Alarm Systems

    Chapter 12 CCTV Surveillance,

    Chapter 13 Biometrics

    Chapter 14 Access Control & Badges

    Chapter 15 Security Fences

    Chapter 16 Fire Classifications

    Chapter 17 Bomb Threat and Physical Security Planning (NEW)

    Chapter 18 Security of Networked Systems (NEW)

    Chapter 19 Making Defensible Crime/Loss Prevention Using the New ISO Standards for Risk Assessment & Risk Management (NEW)

    Chapter 20 Security for Networked Systems Infrastructure (NEW)

    Chapter 21 Security Officers in the 21st Century,

    Chapter 22 Management of Bomb Incidents

    Chapter 23 Information Security for Practitioners (NEW)

    Chapter 24 CPTED and Physical Security (NEW)


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