Ecosystem Services

Global Issues, Local Practices

Edited by

  • Sander Jacobs, Research Institute for Nature and Forest, Belgium
  • Nicolas Dendoncker, Department of Geography, University of Namur, Belgium
  • Hans Keune, Belgian Biodiversity Platform, Research Institute for Nature and Forest, Belgium

Ecosystem Services: Global Issues, Local Practices covers scientific input, socioeconomic considerations, and governance issues on ecosystem services. This book provides hands-on transdisciplinary reflections by administrators and sector representatives involved in the ecosystem service community. Ecosystem Services develops shared approaches and scientific methods to achieve knowledge-based sustainable planning and management of ecosystem services. Professionals engaged in ecosystem service implementation have two options: de-emphasize the ecological and socioeconomic complexity and advance in the theoretical, abstract field, or try to develop research that is policy relevant and inclusive in an uncertain environment. This book provides a wide overview of issues at stake, of interest for any professional wishing to develop a broader view on ecosystem service science and practice.
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Academicians conducting interdisciplinary ecosystem service research, practitioners and policy makers aiming to incorporate ecosystem services into their work, and students from natural and social sciences


Book information

  • Published: November 2013
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-419964-4

Table of Contents

A Preface
B Introduction
C Editorial: No Root, No Fruit

1. Inclusive Ecosystem Services Valuation
2. Ecosystem services and their monetary value
3. Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
4. Ecosystem Service Indicators: Are we measuring what we want to manage
5. Enquiring the Governance of Ecosystem Services: an introduction

6. Monetary Valuation of Ecosystem Services: Unresolvable Problems with the Standard Economic Model
7. Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: opposed visions, opposed paradigms
8. Earth system services - a global science perspective on ecosystem services
9. Ecosystem Services in a Societal Context
10. The value of the Ecosystem Services concept in economic and biodiversity policy

11. Valuation of ES: challenges and policy use
12. Ecosystem Services in Belgian environmental policy-making:  expectations and challenges linked to the conceptualization and valuation of ES
13. Ecosystem services governance: managing complexity?
14. Ecosystem Service Assessments: science or pragmatism?
15. Negotiated complexity in ecosystem services science and policymaking
16. The natural relation between biodiversity and public health: an ecosystem services perspective
17. Global trade impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services

18. CICES going local: Ecosystem services classification adapted for a highly populated country
19. The ecosystem services valuation tool and its future developments
20. EBI - An index for delivery of ecosystem service bundles
21. ES-thinking and some of its implications: a critical note from a rural development perspective
22. Enhancing ecosystem services in Belgian agriculture through agro-ecology: a vision for a farming with a future

23. Ecosystem Service Practices: Introduction
24. Reflections from EU policy practice
25. (how) Can  financial institutions contribute to sustainable use of ecosystem services?
26. Making natural capital and ecosystem services operational in Europe through biodiversity offsetting and habitat banking
27. SKB, SNOWMAN and Ecosystem Services
28. Contribution of DG Environment of Federal public Service Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment
29. Relevance of an Ecosystem Services approach in Wallonia
30. A participatory approach to wildlife management in Walloon farmlands
31. Ecosystem Services for Wallonia
32. Relevance of the concept of Ecosystem Services in the practice of Brussels Environment
33. Contribution of the Agency for Nature and Forests
34. Integrating ecosystem services in rural development projects in Flanders
35. Reflection on the relevance and use of Ecosystem Services to the Department LNE
36. Contribution of the Flemish Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
37. Contribution of the Flemish Farmers union
38. Ecosystem services of Natuurpunt
39. Ecosystem services - some experiences in educational practice
40. Integrating the concept of Ecosystem Services in the Province of Antwerp: the inland dunes project
41. Bosland: application of the ecosystem services concept in a new style of forest management